Species: Stellar Foxtaur (Marine Breed)
Gender: Herm
Height: 158cm
Eyes: Aqua


As a Marine breed, Tempest has a very otterish look, which is hardly surprising because they have many of the same features as sea otters. Shi has a very dense reddish-brown fur coat that is waterproof for both insulation and buoyancy. The fur is cream-coloured from hir muzzle, down the throat, between the breasts and down the belly as far as hir forelegs, plus the tip of hir tail. Shi has no headfur other than the same fur that covers the rest of hir body which is more streamlined for swimming.

Tempest is a second-generation Stellar, moving to Arisia with hir parents when shi was six years old. Shi grew up in a fishing village, but found hir talent lay with the selling rather than the catching of seafood. Shi developed this until shi worked up to the position of Portmaster at the major coastal settlement that also serves as the centre of the land trade routes, as well as the spaceport. Hir Star Corps training is as an oceanographer, which knowledge shi put to very good use in giving traders working under hir an advantage. Shi is mated to Tidepool and two other co-mates, and has three kits, two of whom shi birthed and one sired. Shi has a younger sister named Bayshore. Like all Mariners, Tempest is high-spirited and loves to sport in the water whenever shi can get away from hir work.

Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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