Species: Foxtaur
Gender: Female


Tauna is a foxtaur vixen who hitches a ride aboard the Folly to travel to Chakona after Tigerlily calls in a favour from Neal Foster. Tauna is an athletic young vixen whose smoke-gray coat had golden blond tips. A wide black stripe, with matching crossbars at her shoulders and forequarters, runs from the nape of her neck to the base of her ivory-tipped tail. Her thick black hair is pulled back into a braided topknot; and a modified halter top - the only garment that she wears - protects four small breasts. She is a hunter vixen who had to leave behind her partners - Siri, Jaishu and Zia. Tauna goes to Chakona to meet her girlfriend, Vanessa Saroian, and to ask her to be her denmate.


Tauna Shadowback is copyright Chakat Scirocco.

Sample art by and copyright to Sangluna.

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