Species: Cougar morph
Gender: Male


Tam is the lifemate of Chakat Coaldust whom he met as an opponent in his college wrestling team. A friendly rivalry between them grew into a more intimate relationship, and they eventually became lovers. Because they were totally disparate species, they did not see the need for contraceptives, so it was a huge surprise to everyone that Coaldust fell pregnant to him. While hir father was infamously known to have the gift of universal fertility due to the meddling of a Rakshan deity, it had never occurred to anyone that the outrageous ability might be inheritable. A subsequent investigation found that alll of hir father's progeny also inherited the trait. The second surprise was that hir child was not a chakat, but instead a biped cougar like Tam, but with all the enhancements of a chakat, including being a herm. Stargazer was born on 8/14/111 C.U.T. (7 December 2353). Because the large chakat family unit, Stargazer was able to be cared for by others in the family while Tam continued his studies. Years later after they began their careers, they deliberately conceived a second cougar-type child named Iris, then later a chakat cub whom they named Newmoon. Medical scientists had initially theorised that the hybrid would adapt to the non-hybrid's DNA, thus why Stargazer and Iris were cougar morphs, but Newmoon's birth threw that idea out the window. The leading guess (and an educated guess is the best that they can make because they still can't figure out how the adaptation works) is that it depends on whether the fertilising sperm is an X or a Y. Tam is just thrilled to have three wonderful children.


Sample art by and copyright to Bloodhound.

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