Species: Chakat (x Skunktaur)
Gender: Herm
Born: 15 June 2298
Mother: Oakwood
Sire: Karnak
Height: 168cm


A cream and black skunk-patterned chakat with a long cream-coloured mane and green eyes. Hir mother is a normal chakat, and hir sire is a Skunktaur of House Blackpaw. Swiftwalk has inherited his markings including the black paw-mark on hir right breast. As this trait is linked with the Skunktaur Talents, that means that shi is also capable of Astral Projection (A3) as well as the standard chakat Talent of Empathy (E3). However for a long time shi concealed the fact that shi has a third Talent which manifested itself when shi reached puberty – shi is a very powerful Teleporter (P5), the rarest of all the special Talents. Swiftwalk has rejected offers to participate in research into how teleportation works because shi loves hir chosen career as a planetary scout and, being very career-oriented, has had little time to find a mate but has had several regular Companions. Lately though, shi has been getting very close to falling in love with Goldendale who shares common interests with hir, but is also opposite in sexual preference to hir, making them very compatible.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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