Species: Chakat/Cougar hybrid
Gender: Herm
Mother: Coaldust (Chakat)
Father: Tam Catamount (Cougar morph)
Born: 7 December 2353
(C.U.T. 8/14/111)
Height: 180cm (5' 11")


Stargazer's conception came as an extreme surprise to hir parents. Hir mother, Coaldust, was a chakat, hir father, Tam Catamount, was a cougar morph, and such unions were genetically impossible to be interfertile. However, hir mother was one of the children sired to Midnight by Boyce Kline Jr, a human gifted by an elder race with hyperfertility, making him interfertile with any mammalian species, irregardless of race. What nobody had guessed until then was that the gift could be inherited. Stargazer was the first of Boyce's grandchildren to be conceived of a mixed couple which brought this fact to notice, and subsequent testing has revealed that all his descendants appear to have this ability.

As it appears that the hybrids adapt to their normal partners, the union of chakat and cougar resulted in a biped cougar-chakat hybrid. Essentially shi is a two-legged version of a chakat, who possesses every enhancement of a chakat that is not taur-related. Thus shi has such things as the long prehensile tail, superior eyesight and hearing, extra healing ability, and of course shi is dual sexed. Except for the tail though, shi look much like any other cougar morph outwardly, and shi posed as an ordinary cougar girl to snare a boyfriend. That backfired on hir when hir prospective lover found out that shi was a herm, and he fled in revulsion. However, a cougar boy named Wyatt had had his eyes on hir and saw his opportunity. He asked hir out and they found themselves to be very compatible. When shi told him that shi was a herm, he was delighted, as he had been raised in the company of chakats and found herms quite natural and likeable. The two declared themselves as pre-mates, with the intention of becoming full denmates after graduating from college.

After being happily mated for a while, shi is forced to acknowledge that shi cannot ignore hir masculine side. Despite Wyatt paying attention to hir maleness, he knew that Stargazer had a psychological need for a female companion, and had anticipated this crisis. He encouraged Stargazer to go looking for a girlfriend, and after a long search, eventually meets a cougar fem named Alison who is surprised to find hir quite appealing, and they start dating, eventually becoming mates.

Stargazer has a younger sister named Iris who is also a cougar morph, and much younger sister named Newmoon who is a chakat.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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