Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Born: 28 May 2310
Mother: Starlight
Sire: Winterfrost
Height: 169cm


Snow leopard patterned chakat. Daughter of Starlight and Winterfrost, the chakat equivalent of yuppies. Winterfrost is a doctor, specializing in obstetrics, and Starlight a customer services manager for a telecommunications company. Starlight and Winterfrost are single children and so is Snowflake. They lavish all their money and attention upon Snowflake... but they also both work 60 hours a week. Snowflake has been raised mainly by a nanny and has grown up feeling that shi's bouncing along through the gaps in her parents' work schedules. It doesn't help that shi seems to utterly lack the fierce drive that impels hir parents forward. Shi has no interest in medicine or business and is an indifferent student. Only determined tutoring by hir parents kept hir in school. When the time for college, came up Snowflake eventually chose Astronautics as hir major, on the offhand thought that shi might like to be a pilot. To hir surprise shi found that shi enjoyed it more than shi expected, and finally began to show something of hir parents' verve. But the failure to establish good study habits betrayed hir; in the cockpit or simulator shi could fly like a bird but shi struggled with the classroom work. When the threat of academic suspension loomed its ugly head, Starlight and Winterfrost visited Dewclaw University to plead Snowflake's case. The net result of their visit was that Professor Moseivitch agreed to take Snowflake under his wing in return for a generous donation to the college. Snowflake did do better, because the professor let hir take more time in completing hir academic requirements and he engaged in some personal tutoring as well. Snowflake found the professor's quirky nature endearing. When shi got her pilot's license, the professor hired hir as his personal pilot.

Shi piloted the professor to Repair Station Sigma one-seven where shi met Kit Carson, one of the crew manning the station when it became the base of operations for the Star Dancer project. Shi found Kit's honest concern for the baby stariionae to be very attractive and a deep relationship formed between them.

Sample art by and copyright to Terry Knight.

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