Species: Stellar Foxtaur (Veldt Breed)
Gender: Herm
Height: 183cm
Eyes: Brown


Savannah – or just “Vanna” to hir friends – is a member of one of the nomadic Veldt Stellar Foxtaur clans that range the grassy plains of Arisia. Vanna works as a trader for a living. With hir specially designed cart yoked to hir, shi transports luxury goods and region-specific items between the various clans and the main port, paid either in barter or Fedcreds (Federation Credits). These goods usually fall outside classification as necessary items that would be transported by the limited shuttle service available to all the clans. Shi is also one of the world’s few “posties”, delivering parcels and mail that can’t be sent by electronic means. Hir duties to the Star Corps though are as a trained biologist specialising in plantlife. On hir travels, shi makes frequent stops and side trips to collect specimens and samples, and to check on long-term field experiments. Shi’s also a chocoholic!

Savannah is about thirty Terran years old, and is mated to Willow who has borne them their one kit so far – Grass-stalk – and is currently pregnant with their second. Vanna intends to get pregnant also, but at a time when travelling won’t interfere, which Willow claims might mean never despite Vanna’s protestations otherwise. However, shi also has a relationship with a Forest Breed Stellar named Umbra who wants Savannah's child, but Vanna is reluctant because shi wants to be faithful to Willow. Willow and Umbra conspire to convince Vanna that hir reasons are wrong and the three should form a triad.

Vanna has a pet Pennantail – a bird with two very long tailfeathers – that shi named Tweet. Raised from an egg that was rescued from a nest-raiding predator, the bird has imprinted on Vanna and refuses to leave hir despite the foxtaur’s travels to various unpleasant climates. Vanna has grown to enjoy having a travelling companion who is the perfect listener, and shi has made it a special birdcage that keeps out the worst of the weather, but the bird travels on hir shoulder at most other times.

Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami and Mayra Boyle.


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