Species: Amur (Siberian) Tiger
Mother: Valentina "Valya" Ermakova
Sire: Evgeniya "Zhenya" Ermakova
Gender: Herm
Born: 11 May 2312
Height: 196cm (6'5")
Eyes: Golden brown


Born in Arkhangelsk, Russia, shi was baptised Aleksandr Evgenevich Ermakoff, but when hir family moved to Greater North America where herms default to female nomenclature, hir name was changed from the masculine form to the feminine form – Aleksandra Evgenevna Ermakova. Hir common name is Sasha in either case. Hir parents are Valentina "Valya" Ermakova and Evgeniya "Zhenya" Ermakova, and shi has two sisters – Ruslana who is a year younger than hir, and Valeriya (Lera) who is four years younger.

Sasha attends the same college where Quickpaw is studying nursing and is assigned to hir dorm room. Sasha takes an instant dislike to the chakat due to religious and cultural reasons. Shi also deeply resents hir own parents for similar reasons, the worst of which is that they are sisters, which makes Sasha a child of incest.


Sample art by and copyright to Huskie and ???

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