Species: Cougar (exotic morph)
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 183cm (6 feet)
Eyes: Green


Risha is the quartermaster and handyman of the commercial starship, Phoenix. Although a normal digitigrade cougar morph in every other way, her kind all have two pair of arms and hands. Because the trait is hyper-dominant, all offspring have four arms, even if one of the parents is a normal two-armed cougar. Risha’s mother was a normal cougar morph, but her father had four arms, and the hyper-dominant gene was passed on to all his children. Risha actually likes having extra limbs and has never wished to be normal, despite some teasing while at school. She always liked to help her father in his household repairs business, and can fix most common problems easily and quickly. She later earned some money while going to college by helping her father with procuring supplies for the business and organising his accounts. These skills helped her land the position on the Phoenix. Risha has always been sexually promiscuous but discerning in her choice of partners, but although she really liked Captain Yote, she has no intention of "settling down" as yet. Later, she forms a relationship with a new crewmember, Bruce Hopper. She does like children though, and is very protective of them. She is slow to anger, but explodes when pushed too far.


Sample art by and copyright to Jameless.

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