Species: Skunktaur
Gender: Herm
Mother: Marky
Father: Vannen


Queznal is a spotted skunktaur of house Redpaw. The red paw-shaped mark on hys right breast indicates that hy is a telepath. Like all chakat-kin skunktaurs, hy is a hermaphrodite, but stays in one gender phase at a time, thus creating the need for a unique herm pronoun for hys species. Like many other skunktaurs, hy normally prefers hys male phase. Queznal is a physiotherapist who uses his Talent to help victims of nerve damage regain the use of limbs both faster and better. Hy met Goldfur when he came to treat Dale Perkins after he was accidentally transformed into the chakat, Goldendale. Hy helped teach hir how to deal with a totally new body by interfacing hymself between Goldendale and Goldfur, so that the latter could provide the correct motor impulses for the former to learn. Queznal has greatly advanced hys technique because of this opportunity. Hy remains good friends with Goldendale and the rest of the family.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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