Species: Faleshkarti
Gender: Herm
Born: 18 July 2320

PRESAITH 274957221266

Presaith belongs to an alien race named the Faleshkarti from the planet Nameth. Although they strongly resemble fennec fox morphs, they are in fact completely unrelated. Massive overpopulation has seen them become very homogenous, and they are all very similar in size and fur colouring except for dark markings that are very varied. Presaith has a crest of dark fur on hir head, and a pattern of dark fur extending from the corner of hir eyes. Nevertheless, these markings are insufficient identification on a planet of 67 billion individuals, and each person is assigned a twelve digit ID number. As their nature precludes any links to parents, shi does not have a family name.

Presaith was twelve Terran years old and just starting hir professional career when shi was asked by the ruling council to put hir skills to work as a roaming observer for their world which had only just recently opened up relationships with the Stellar Federation. To this end, shi joined the crew of the commercial starship, Phoenix, as a Starship systems engineer. Shi was accompanied by another Faleshkarti named Loander. When they eventually sexually matured, they declared themselves as lifemates.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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