Species: Sarenoc Torra (Jaguar Wemic)
Gender: Female
Mother: Tzeca Portilos os Thloht
Sire: Huitzil Nochilos en Tepic
Height: 178cm (5'10")
Weight: 233kg (514lbs)

Sample art by and copyright to Bridget Wilde.

Siblings (oldest to youngest):
Tenna (f) - Died of cholera in childhood
Onca (f)
Taloc (m) - Shot by Federation sniper
Jalis (f) - Blown up by a land mine


Her lower body is only slightly longer than a Chakat's, and she stands a little taller than any Chakat; her build is powerful but compact. Her torso is feminine but athletic, with a well defined musculature. Her bust is generous, some might say voluptuous. Her eyes are yellow-gold. After the fashion of her species, she has no mane.

Onca was born just as Federation colonists began arriving on her planet, which they called Amazonia. For the first few years things went fairly well, but then took a marked downturn. For one, the colonists discovered a number of plants in Amazonia's lush jungles that could be used to produce a range of highly profitable pharmaceuticals. For another, Onca's people (and two other local species) were war beasts whose ancestors had been abandoned on Amazonia about a century earlier. They naturally distrusted the Federation and felt the present incursion to be merely an extension of the war from long ago. When the pharmaceutical companies moved in with large-scale plantations, the war beasts - who called themselves the Three Tribes - felt, with some justification, that the colonists were trying to steal their land and livelihood. They responded violently, pillaging and destroying the plantations and killing the colonists. The Cartel responded by exerting political pressure on Star Fleet, which dispatched marines to quell the 'uprising'. Furthermore, the cartel managed to have the Three Tribes classified as squatter colonists rather than true autochthons, reasoning that they had been placed on Amazonia rather than evolving there, and placed illegally to boot. Therefore the Tribes could not redress their grievances before the Federation's Bureau of Autochthonal Affairs. The Tribes responded by setting up black market drug plantations and selling the produce to smugglers, then using the profits to buy weapons. At which point the 'uprising' exploded into a full-scale guerilla war. Again the Cartel exerted political influence, preventing Starfleet from scaling up its efforts, for fear that such a thing might lead to the colony being declared a war zone and closed to commercial exploitation. As such Starfleet can't bring to bear the resources needed for a true resolution, and the conflict drags on. Onca's father, meanwhile, was the most vocal opponent of colonization and the most successful of the guerilla leaders. He raised Onca to be his successor, training her thoroughly in combat, tactics, and strategy; as his crowning achievement he sent to her to a missionary school run by settlers, his reasoning being that an intimate knowledge of her enemy's mind would be her single greatest weapon. It worked, too... up to the point where Huitzil was betrayed to Starfleet by a cousin seeking to consolidate control of the Tribes under himself. Suddenly Onca found herself marooned on her own planet; even were she willing to swallow her pride and forego vengeance, her cousin would kill her to prevent her from becoming a nucleus around which a counter-revolution might form. Nor would Star Fleet be especially glad to see her; even as a child she'd already participated in a number of terrorist attacks. After taking careful stock of her options, Onca came to the decision that she had to leave Amazonia. Given her sharply limited social and financial circumstances, the only method of getting off-planet within her reach lay in becoming the wife of a Federation soldier, since Star Fleet let people on active duty take mates home for free. After several tries, she made contact with Rand Erikson, a Terran from El Paso, Texas, on Terra. Rather to her surprise, after spending some time with Rand she actually started to like him. Then - quite unexpectedly - she became pregnant by him too. At the end of his tour they got married and went to Terra. It remains to be seen, however, if Onca can properly adapt to her new life.

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