Species: Grey Foxtaur
Gender: Female
Mother: Dana
Sire: Litton
Height: 134cm
Born: 7 August 2303


Unlike many foxtaurs, Moyshu isn't affected by the extreme homesickness that afflicts them when leaving their clan territory. In fact, she is quite the opposite, possessed of a wanderlust that has taken her to Star Fleet Academy and into a career in space. There she puts her clan knowledge to good use as planetary landing specialist. Her breed is a lot smaller than the commoner red foxtaurs, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in flexibility, and she's also a very competent climber. Moyshu is a vulpamour, the foxtaur equivalent of a lesbian. She has a strong attraction to vixens of all kinds though, and not just the taur variety. When she met Leanna, who is also a small breed of fox, she immediately wanted to know her better, although she did not know at that time that Leanna was a herm and a former slave. They soon became good friends, and later became bed-companions after getting over the surprise of finding out Leanna's sexual nature. As much as she liked Leanna though, some things about hir seemed strange and did not quite add up. Despite her fear of possibly affecting their relationship, Moyshu started investigating the mystery that was Leanna.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami and Opal Weasel.

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