Species: Black-footed Ferret
Gender: Female
Height: 145cm (4' 9")


Although apparently aged 29 when she joined Phoenix, her actual age was about 21 due to the fact that she was created in a morph factory on Celeste, a Non-Aligned World, and artificially matured to be close to the age of her future companion, Heywood Baxter. Species matched and psychologically optimised to be the ideal companion to Heywood to whom she was given on his tenth birthday. Intended just to provide companionship and be his helper when younger, then attending to his more physical desires as he matured, she started developing deeper feelings for him although that was strictly forbidden. She kept her feelings hidden until he told her that he loved her, and then she confessed that she loved him also. Menalippe risked punishment by helping to conceal Heywood's secret training to enable them to leave to seek a life together away from the manipulations of his family. When they ended up in the Federation, Captain Yote insisted that they get a mating contract to formalise their relationship so that she would never be regarded as a former slave. Menalippe's training allowed her to be very adaptable, and she performed many odd jobs on the Phoenix that weren't handled by machines or the specialists. Menalippe was instrumental in saving Phoenix from hijackers. She died in 2334 during the disaster the Hesperia disaster.


Sample art by and copyright to Diana Harlan Stein.

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