Species: Red Fox
Gender: Female
Mother: Olivia Carter
Father: Randolph Renelle


Mary-Anne is a beautiful, sexy, and very intelligent vixen. She grew up in the same town as Dale Perkins, and went to the same school. They were first friends, then girl/boyfriends, then lovers. They were considering marriage before their careers pulled them apart. Mary-Anne gained a scholarship to Star Fleet Academy, but Dale missed the cut, going into the Star Corps instead. Mary-Anne was away on a long tour of duty when Dale was transformed into the chakat, Goldendale, but eventually word got to her about what happened to him. Upon returning to Earth, she sought hir out, only to find that shi had left for California to spend time with hir new wolftaur mate. She was not discouraged as she still held fond memories of their times together, and tried again several months later. Mary-Anne was surprised and happy that Dale, now Goldendale, had adapted so well, yet still retained the personality that she loved years ago. They vowed not to lose contact again, and Mary-Anne remains a very close friend and confidante to hir.


Sample art by and copyright to
Heather Bruton and Kacey Miyagami.

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