Species: Foxtaur (Red)
Gender: Female
Born: 18 September 2310
Mother: Jaleth
Sire: Rikandor
Height: 170cm


Garrek's younger sister, first daughter of Jaleth and Rikandor. Opposite to her brother in many ways, this foxtaur vixen is a vivacious and confident young lady with typical red fox markings but with an unusually pale hue. She was instantly fascinated by the hermaphrodite chakats when she met them, and soon fell in love with Goldfur during hir many visits. She eventually became hir second mate, quickly falling pregnant to hir and giving birth to Blaze. This made her brother also her co-mate, and later they chose to formalise it into a true mating to make a three-way partnership. Desiring a child by Garrek who was reluctant, she schemed to pressure him into it by flooding him with mating pheromones when she was on heat. This backfired badly because the overdose caused Garrek to go feral and he violently mounted her for hours. When he came to his senses, he was humiliated and angry, and rejected Malena for a long time. However, the violent mating did result in the pregnancy she had wanted, but she got triplets which she learned was because feral matings frequently caused multiple births. Malena is also a Companion to Forestwalker who used hir strong empathic ability to give Malena a true experience of what it is like to mate in the male fashion. This served to exacerbate her dissatisfaction with her sexuality, and she feels that she is a herm born into a female body. The family recognises this, and they are taking steps to help her.

She also has a younger brother named Miktar, and a baby sister named Neesha.

Sample art by and copyright to Sara Palmer and Brenda DiAntonis.

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