Species: Rabbit
Gender: Female
Born: 14 June 2313


Daughter of Haydn Cottonfield, a wealthy industrialist. Her mother was killed in an accident that left Madeline with both legs amputated and quadriplegic. However, her father's wealth enabled her to regain a fairly full life through an extremely sophisticated holographic simulation. She completed her studies and expressed a desire to have a career in space. Her father was acquainted with Arthur Yote, father of Martin Yote, captain of the starship Phoenix, and asked a favour of him. Martin agreed to take on Madeline as an apprentice Systems Controller, and her life-support unit was installed with a direct interface with the ship's computers and holosuite systems. She serves many functions aboard Phoenix, including communications and executive assistant to Martin. She is able to have an almost totally normal interaction with the crew while in the holosuite, plus two image & voice only holo-projectors situated in the recreation room and bridge. She is bisexual in preference, and forms an intimate relationship with Penny, while still having a taste for a handsome male occasionally.


Sample art by and copyright to Megan Giles.

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