Species: Caitian
Gender: Female
Born: 11 April 2300


Passenger Services / Concierge for the starship Phoenix. Fourthwife (aspect of love) to R'Murran whom she met again at a gathering of his clan. It was on the sixth day of the Jahazrah that she run into him, having been only five years old when they had last met. She had stuck in the memory of the then fifteen year old R'Murran because she had been such a joy-filled child who always made him smile. She had said to him with all the seriousness of a five year old that one day she would be his wife, and he had smiled and said he'd wait for her to grow up. Grown up she had, and into a beautiful and joy-filled adult. He asked her to enjoy the festival with their family, and by the time they were almost due to go back to the starship, R'Murran was thoroughly taken with her. He asked M'Rarrtikar to consider her as Fourthwife. At first there was some resistance to the idea due to her relative youth and the problems that it would pose with his career in Star Fleet, but eventually she had to concede that M'Resk would make a good co-wife, leaving it up to R'Murran to decide whether his career or a Fourthwife was more important to him. M'Resk is very friendly, with great people skills and a talent for solving passenger problems.


Sample art by and copyright to Sara Palmer.

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