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Species: Foxtaur (Golden x Red)
Gender: Female


Half-sister to Jaleth, Lorene's sire was a visiting tod at a Harvest Festival and she was a Festival Kit. The vixens of her sire's Golden Foxtaur clan are all four-breasted and she inherited that trait which makes her stand out amongst the other vixens in the Mountain Glade clan, not to mention catching the youthful eye of Garrek. Her fur is a golden yellow colour, and she has white "socks" & "gloves" rather than the typical dark colour of foxes. However her red hair betrays her mother's Red Foxtaur genes.

Lorene harbours a deep secret – she is a submissive, something unheard of in the vixen-dominated foxtaur society. Unable to find a tod to whom she can submit herself, she leads an unhappy and lonely life, confiding only in the village shaman, Sarsha, who eventually brings her and Garrek together to solve their convergent problems. She gives herself utterly to him, and becomes his fifth denmate.

Sample art by and copyright to
Kacey Miyagami and Roy D. Pounds II.

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