Species: Human
(Polynesian x Scottish)
Gender: Female


Leilani is a mechanical engineer serving with the Star Corps. After marrying and having several children, now full-grown, she decided to go back to full-time work after the death of her husband. Assigned to the same ship on which Goldfur and Garrek were serving a tour of duty, she and Garrek soon met up despite being on different shifts. Garrek's big weakness is ample-breasted women, and Leilani certainly didn't lack in that department, so he was immediately attracted to her. Fortunately Leilani is a furphile and appreciated the attention, much to the amusement of Goldfur. The three turned out to have a lot in common, and have become firm friends. However, Leilani is seriously contemplating going a step further.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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