Species: Foxtaur (Red x Golden)
Gender: Female


Garrek's girlfriend of his later teenage years. He competed with his closest friend, Zendak, for her favour. She chose Zendak eventually, but only because she wasn't allowed by clan law to have both tods to herself, and because Garrek wasn't ready to have kits yet whereas Zendak was. After being parted for many years, she meets Garrek again while he is on Obligation. She has been unable to conceive, and Zendak suggests that Garrek should try to give her the child she craves. He succeeds, and the couple asks him to join them as their co-mate because the ban no longer applied because Garrek now has other mates. Kassi names their son Kazengar. Kassi has unusually large and shapely breasts, appealing greatly to Garrek's tastes.


Sample art by and copyright to Mike Higgs and Kacey Miyagami.

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