Species: Voxxan
Gender: Male


Kaldarr is the leader of a successful pirate crew and captain of Ganthak's Claw. He earned his nickname when he lost his tail in a previous altercation, but now he wears the name as a badge of pride. In a carefully planned operation, he took control of the freighter, Kanawa's Pride with the assistance of the traitorous Voxxan fem, E'Tina, and used that starship to make a surreptitious invasion of the Arisia Gateway station. He and his crew force the Starwalker foxtaurs there to load their extremely valuable power cores onto his ship, then disposed of most of them by exposing them to the vacuum of space. Unfortunately for Kaldarr, he did not know that Starwalkers were bred to survive in space without pressure suits, and they were able to stage a surprise counter-attack which resulted in the defeat of his crew, and the loss of his right arm which Eclipse chopped off with a beam-cutter to rescue Tektite whom he was holding hostage.


Sample art by and copyright to Roy D. Pounds II.

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