Species: Coyote morph
Gender: Male
Mother: Lavender
Sire: Joseph
Born: 2 February 2350


Second of two children, Joseph was best friends with Kalika and Xander as they grew up. As they hit their teens though, Joseph's interest became more focused on Kalika and he started subtly courting her, knowing that her bond with her brother would be hard to put aside. When Xander made the break though, Joseph was ready to make his move and filled the gap in Kalika's heart. The two formed a successful partnership to promote their fathers' furniture business and later formally became denmates. When Kalika expressed the desire to have a child, knowing that he could not do so, he suggested that she should ask Xander, which would help her achieve closure on their split. Joseph was a loving and dedicated step-father to Peony, the kit Kalika conceived.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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