Species: Foxtaur (Red)
Gender: Female


Mated to Rikandor, and mother to Garrek, Malena, Miktar, and Neesha. Jaleth makes musical instruments in her home workshop. There she can keep a watchful eye on her newest kit, Neesha, and her grandchild, Blaze, while working. She is a very perceptive and open-minded vixen, for which Garrek and Malena were particularly grateful. However, when Malena accidentally overdoses Garrek with mating scent which triggers a feral mating, Jaleth is enraged at the abuse of her son and turns her back on Malena, forcing her daughter to leave the village. When Garrek discovers a secret from her past, he pressures Jaleth to reconcile with Malena.

Jaleth has a half-sister named Lorene with whom she shares a common mother. Both of them are Festival Kits.


Sample art by and copyright to Heather Bruton.

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