Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 7 March 2303
Height: 180cm (5' 11")


Helmsman / Chief Pilot for the starship Phoenix. Mated to Menalippe. Former citizen of one of the Non-Aligned Worlds, he chose to leave his world to avoid being forced to marry a woman whom he barely knew, so he could be with the person whom he truly loved – his ferret morph companion, Menalippe. While still within the authority of the LNAW, their status remained officially that of master and slave, but after being rescued by a Federation cruiser after a pirate attack crippled their ship, Menalippe was officially freed and he was able to treat her as the beloved mate she was rather than the docile companion she had pretended to be. Captain Yote was the first person to accept that he was not just a bigoted human from the LNAW, and gave them both jobs aboard his ship. Heywood died during the Hesperia disaster about a year and a half later.


Sample art by and copyright to Heather Bruton.

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