Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 14 February 2266




Terran of Slavic extraction. Fyodor comes from an old military family that can trace its roots all the way back to the early twentieth century. He was born in Siberia, on Terra, but originally the family lived near St. Petersburg. During or slightly after the Gene Wars, one of his ancestors had genetic surgery done on himself, and ever since males have cropped up every now and then with characteristic short stature, rotund build, and outrageous hair. Fyodor joined Star Fleet as soon as he could but his ability did not quite match his ambitions. He did well enough in the Academy but was never more than an average student. On graduation he entered the Security division, traditional dumping ground for mediocre officers. He moved from one mind-numbing assignment to another for some years, then re-upped in the hopes of attaining some - any - measure of success he could take home to his family. One day, quite by accident, his security team found a group of Sauron - war beasts from the Gene wars, outwardly identical to Terrans - trying to steal a shuttle craft. Fyodor radioed for orders and was told by his commander to shoot the thieves without warning. Fyodor instead attempted to arrest them, which resulted in himself and three of his team mates getting shot and the thieves escaping, though without the shuttle. For this debacle Fyodor found himself convicted by a Court of Inquiry and dishonorably discharged. He couldn't face his family with a record like that, so he signed on with a colonization company. His experience got him a decent share, and while it was back-breaking work, for the first time in his life Fyodor really felt as if he were actually building something on his own, rather than following someone else's footsteps. He also discovered a knack for getting things done; he could persuade unruly colonists to get along, pry goods out of unwilling disbursement agents, attract the attention of higher-ups when it was wanted and avoid it when it wasn't. He rose to become the colony's Deputy Director, the fixer who got done what the administrators decided was necessary. He also met Ludmilla, who found his wit and devious nature endearing. Not to mention that she saw him destined for great things. They married and conceived a child. Then some mysterious strangers landed to repair their ship. Shortly thereafter a terrible plague crippled the colony; the strangers were Sauron, and they'd infected the colony with sickness. Fyodor ended up having to go for help; he was the only healthy person left who could pilot a star ship. He made it to a Star Fleet patrol base but was quarantined for a couple weeks to make sure he wasn't infected. A Star Fleet response team set out at once but by the time it arrived plague had wiped out the entire colony. Fyodor and two companions who'd gone with him were the only survivors. He brought Ludmilla back to Terra and buried her on the steppes, near his ancestral home. He told his family everything; they offered to let him stay but he refused. He emigrated to Chakona and sought work. He got a job at Dewclaw University as a security guard; almost at once he saw that his talent for wheeling and dealing would serve him perfectly in this place. In three years he'd managed to talk himself into an academic appointment, as an Associate of Xeno-Sciences. From there he rose like the rockets of old, attaining the august position of Chair after only seven short years. In which time no one could ever precisely say what his qualifications were.

When he heard that Captain Darkstar, a famous and much decorated Star Fleet officer, had retired to Chakona. He resolved to recruit hir, in the hopes of boosting his department's prestige. He reached hir just as shi'd finished hir preparations and was about to kill hirself. Shi listened politely to his pitch then explained that shi couldn't accept, since shi was about to die. When shi explained why, Fyodor worked desperately to talk hir down, and managed to keep hir on the phone for several hours. In the end shi cracked; Fyodor drove straight out to hir cottage and spent several days with hir. In the end shi accepted his offer and became an expert consultant to the College of Xeno-Sciences. Later, he involved hir with the Stariionae problem that eventually results in his death.

Sample art by and copyright to Terry Knight.

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