Species: Foxtaur (Garetta)
Gender: Male
Height: 112cm (3'8")


The leader of the Comm-Sa Garetta clan is the venerable old foxtaur, Freqmod. The names of many of the Garetta are corruptions of old electronic terms and other names associated with the Communications department of the colony spaceship that they originated from. The chief uses many defunct pieces of electronic equipment as ceremonial items, but some of them still work. Thus he was one of the first to know that the "Makers" had returned when an old beacon was accidentally activated by people searching for the lost chakat cub, Eudora. After Eudora saves the life of one of the clan's kits, Freqmod makes hir an honorary Comm-Sa clan member and promises to find hir parents. He sets out with a group of hunters and Shaman in the direction that they believe shi came from, only to encounter a group from the starship which had detected Freqmod's beacon and had discovered the Comm-Sa village earlier. When Freqmod meets the group, he and his party are amazed at the relatively giant sized visitors. Nevertheless he boldly demands the right to make contact with the "Makers" as per their traditional right.


Sample art by and copyright to Roy D. Pounds II.

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