Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Rushingstream
Sire: Whitepaws


"Stormy" is the child of a foxtaur vixen named Rushingstream and a chakat named Whitepaws. Shi sports a leopardís spotted coat, but where a leopard would have dark spots, Firestormís are a burning orange. Headfur is a little darker than hir orange spots, and shi has dark brown eyes. Shi was cut from hir mother's dead body by Neal Foster after she was killed by H1 terrorists at the New Kiev Spaceport. Neal resuscitated the cub, and unknowingly made an empathic bond with hir. Firestorm treats Neal as hir parent and defends him fiercely. Shi has a habit of doing "milk checks" on all females and herms, much to their startlement.


Sample art by and copyright to Hibbary.

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