Species: Voxxan
Gender: Female


E'Tina is a young and attractive Voxxan fem who was hired as a specialist technician aboard the freighter starship, Kanawa's Pride. Alandri, whose station she would be taking in his off-shift, was ordered to induct her into the crew, but afterwards took her out on a date. She poisoned him in order to make him miss the voyage to Arisia Gateway so that she could take the primary position instead and use it to introduce viral programs into the ship's computer to disable it and make it easy for a pirate crew to board and take over. She was in fact a vicious and cold-hearted bitch, the girlfriend of Kaldarr, the pirate captain who intended to use the ship to invade Arisia Gateway. She actually requested the privilege of executing the Starwalkers who manned the Gateway station by putting them in an airlock without protection and opening it to the vacuum of space. However, when she had to clear the airlock of the corpses, she was shocked to discover that they were not dead because, unknown to her, Starwalkers are bred to survive in space. She was killed when Albedo smashed her spacesuit's visor, and she suffered the fate of her intended victims.


Sample art by and copyright to Roy D. Pounds II.

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