Species: Rabbit
Gender: Male
Born: Unknown


Four identical male, blonde-haired, grey-furred, long-eared rabbit-morphs were discovered amongst a cargo of exotic slaves being shipped between planets. Like the rest of the slaves, they were bred for sex but, very unusually, they were also of normal intelligence. They also were trained as top-class chefs, and love cooking as much as they love having sex with each other. They are 100% homosexual, and while they can appreciate that a female is pretty or can be friendly with her, they have absolutely no sexual interest in the opposite gender. The morph breeders who had produced them had a sense of humour and named them after four cliché rabbit characters - Roger, Peter, Harvey & Oswald. Since being rescued from slavery, they have taken over the galley of the Pegasus, the ship that rescued them, and now enjoy cooking and freedom with equal joy. They have started affecting different hairstyles to enable people to tell them apart.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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