Species: Kangaroo
Gender: Male
Born: 15 April 2311


Bruce thinks "Hopper" is a silly name for a kangaroo, so he prefers to be known as Bruce Roo. He qualified as a starship pilot in order to satisfy his desire to see other worlds, and jumped at the chance of signing onto the crew of the starship Phoenix when Captain Yote had to replace his deceased Chief Pilot. Bruce is a rather flamboyant character with a lot in common with Penny in personality, but he falls for the lovely four-armed cougar, Risha who returns the interest, eventually starting a long-term relationship with him. Bruce is also a talented barista, a skill that he learned from his father, and he brought along his own professional espresso machine which he uses to serve to the rest of the crew, disdaining the usual coffee as "swill".


Sample art by and copyright to Sara Palmer.

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