Species: Horse
Gender: She-male
Parents: None (Genetically engineered)


Billy-Jean is one of the many slaves rescued by Admiral Kline. Destined as an exotic sex toy for a human master whose sexual fetish was she-males, instead she was freed to pursue her own goals, which she could do because she had normal intelligence, a great rarity in sex slaves. Although she is sexually male, every aspect of her physiology except her genetalia is female, and psychologically she's female also, so she is always referred to as 'her', never 'him'. During a socialisation period on board the Pegasus, she met Harold, a Shire breed horsemorph. They were instantly smitten with each other. Harold, upon being informed that she was a she-male, was even more attracted, as he is bi-sexual in nature and loved the duality of genders in Billy-Jean. They soon became mates, and are currently looking for a brood mare herd-partner to start a family.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

Species: Shire Horse
Gender: Male
Born: ?
Mother: Edwina
Father: Charles

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