Species: Grey Fox
Gender: Female
Born: 23 August 2297
Height: 178cm (5' 10")
Eyes: Green


Bethany is the First Officer of the starship, Phoenix. She is a former career command officer in Star Fleet, precise, a bit aloof and reserved. After an unfortunate encounter with a senior officer who dragged her reputation through the mud and got her discharged from the service, it left her suspicious about the motives of men, and somewhat frustrated due to the lack of fulfilment of her own needs. She had a growing admiration for her captain, Martin Yote, although she wouldn't admit to an attraction to the coyote morph who is fourteen years younger than her. She eventually admits her feelings which had been long reciprocated by him, and they get married five years after they first met. Her skills include astrogation and hyper-spatial physics.


Sample art by and copyright to Shawntae Howard.

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