Species: Wolftaur (grey)
Gender: Male


Always simply called Avi except for formal occassions, this wolftaur is young, inquisitive and full of life. Unlike many of his pack, he wasn't satisfied with the normal nomadic lifestyle, and wanted to learn more about other people and places. When Lupu returned to the pack bringing with her a new chakat mate, Goldendale, Avi was smitten, and also saw the opportunity to leave the confines of the pack. He started courting Goldendale, and with a bit of help from Lupu, he succeeded. Goldendale decided to take him as hir first male mate and brought him back to stay with their extended family back in Australia. When Goldendale is away on deep space missions, he and Lupu keep each other company. Eventually he will sire a cub with Lupu whom they will name Lukadalissa (Luka).


Sample art by and copyright to Opal Weasel.

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