Species: Chakat
(1/8 Chakamil)
Gender: Herm
Born: 17 March 2324
Mother: Marla
Sire: Jaiden


Cougar-patterned chakat. Shi is Darkstar's granddaughter, child of Marla and an unknown father. Marla was a very poor parent, beating Aurora capriciously and often failing to feed or clean hir. Marla also left recreational drugs where Aurora could reach them, and once Aurora almost died from an overdose. Despite this terrible beginning shi is, in fact, extremely intelligent and quite social; once Darkstar had reversed much of the psychological damage Marla had done and broken through Aurora's armor of reserve, shi became quite open and friendly, getting along fairly well with other children hir age. But scars of the past remain; Aurora is extremely distrustful of people who want to "help" hir or do things to hir "for hir own good". For some years it was not possible for Darkstar to take Aurora to a doctor; the doctor would have to come to Darkstar's house and Aurora would submit to examination and treatment only so long as Darkstar remained in physical contact with hir at all times. Also, Aurora has something of a violent nature, inherited from the chakamil heritage of hir mother and Darkstar. This has caused no end to trouble, as normal play can quickly degenerate into a serious affray. Darkstar deals with the problem by imposing some rather Draconian disciplinary measures, but balances severity with fairness: the terms and conditions of punishment are clearly defined and Darkstar cleaves to hir standards with all the resolve and discipline hir years with Star Fleet have given hir. Aurora may not like the punishment but shi's come to learn that Darkstar will never administer or withhold it capriciously. This has led to an extremely tight bond between Aurora and Darkstar, but also to the fact that Aurora hasn't much respect for the laws and standards of society at large, which shi regards as thoughtlessly created and lazily enforced. Shi gets along better with people who are older than hir, and delights in physical play of all kinds.


Sample art by and copyright to Terry Knight.

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