Species: Caitian
Gender: Male
Mother: M'Larsst'nuk
Father: R'Terrn'prrt
Height: 137cm (4' 6")
Eyes: Yellow


Born Tarmarra Gliksãrnn, Arrak changed his name after immigrating to Chakona, a move that was forced upon him by his disability. He had a normal life on Kà'iît up until he was fourteen Caitian years of age when his latent telepathic ability manisfested. Unfortunately due to a brain injury that he had incurred a couple of years earlier, his telepathic ability was out of his control. Because Caitians generally hate and fear "Mind Thieves" as they call Telepaths, when his ability was discovered, his life on Kà'iît was ruined, so he took his chances with a new life on Chakona in a community established there by Caitians disaffected with the restrictive morals and customs on their homeworld. Trained as a geologist, Arrak got a job that teamed him up with a chakat named Windrunner, a biologist who assessed the possible environmental impact of any commercial exploitation of minerals that he would uncover in his surveys. Windrunner discovers his Talent which causes him to panic at first, but they end up working together well. After several months of working together, an accident at a ski resort creates an empathic bond between the two. Arrak realises that their lives are already deeply entwined and that he cares for the chakat deeply, and asks hir to be his Firstwife, and shi accepts. They are formally wed at a Caitian style ceremony on 8/18/114 CUT (23 June 2357).


Sample art by and copyright to Seth Triggs.

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