Species: Serval
Gender: Female
Born: 8 August 2292


Andrea was a talented and successful doctor and surgeon at the Amistad General Hospital, but she let her work obsession take over her life to the detriment of everything else. Only when her husband left her did she realise this though, and she made the decision to take leave from the hospital to take on a job that would force her to spend more time socialising. To this end, she applied for the position of Ship's Doctor aboard the starship Phoenix when they needed a qualified docotor to deal with two upcoming births. As she had anticipated, she did not have much work to do besides that, and thus spent much time getting to know the crew better. At the end of her contract, she left the ship and returned to the hospital, only to realise that despite the years working with some of them, they were strangers to her and she already missed the people of the Phoenix. Knowing that the captain could not afford to keep her on, she instead posed as a passenger, offering to pay her passage through her services. In this manner, Andrea extended her stay aboard indefinitely. After Martin's bequeathal was officially paid off and his business received a massive boost, this arrangement of convenience was dropped, and he offered her a permanent paid position on the ship. Although she would not be earning anywhere near what she had been at the hospital, her quality of life had vastly improved, and she had no hesitation in accepting. She splits her remaining free time between her gardening hobby and studies to keep up to date with medical advances.


Sample art by and copyright to P_Moss.

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