Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm


AMBER   &   WALKER                          

Although completely unrelated, Amber and Walker are almost identically patterned leopard chakats. They have very similar spot patterns, same size and build, same green eyes and medium-sized breasts. In fact, the only obvious difference between the two is their hair - Amber has honey blonde hair while Walker's is black.

Both were once humans, but along with an entire planeload of people, they were kidnapped and transformed into chakats and deposited onto a new world to start a new colony. Amber was formerly a 31 year old female human named Amberlynn Rainier which shi shortened to make it more appropriate to hir new form. Walker was formerly a 72 year old male human named Jason Walker which Amber promptly shortened to just Walker, although shi sometimes like to nickname hir 'Jaywalker'.

Amber actually enjoyed hir new form from the start despite the severance of all ties to hir past. A skilled aeronautical engineer, shi awaits the day hir knowledge can be put to use, but in the meantime shi has found that shi is a fairly good hunter with exceptional skill with bolas.

Walker on the other hand did not appreciate all the changes in hir life, especially having to deal with estrus. Worse yet, hir previous almost hermit-like lifestyle has been thoroughly disrupted by the change. Shi tried to cope by keeping apart from the rest of the colony, but hir new instincts were battering away at that attitude constantly, especially as shi now had a young body with strong urges. When Amber entered hir life, things got even more confusing in some ways, but more satisfying in others. Amber found that when Walker wasn't trying to be grumpy, shi was actually an interesting person to be with. Additionally, Amber recognised a sexual attraction between them. Unlike Walker, shi didn't ignore hir new body's signals, and shi acted upon them, much to Walker's consternation. Walker's desire to be a loner was sorely tested, but eventually the pair found a compromise that suited them both.

After an exploration expedition together when they found a natural harbour which Walker named Amber Harbour, Walker declared hir love for Amber and they became mates. Upon returning to the rest of the colony, White Tip appointed them leaders of a new expedition which was tasked with building a new community at the harbour. Both had conceived children before they got there, and Amber gave birth to Orchid, followed 16 days later with Walker giving birth to Lily.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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