Species: Stellar Foxtaur (Starwalker Breed)
Gender: Herm
Eyes: Gold


Albedo is working on the Arisia Gateway project which is being constructed by a team of Starwalker Stellar Foxtaurs, which is a family unit. While otherwise almost identical to the rest of hir clan, Albedo has one distinguishing ability - shi is a telepath. Hir ability is not very strong and shi's rated at only T2.8, but this is enough for hir to be able to communicate with the rest of hir family wherever they are on Arisia Gateway, and to others with whom shi's in physical contact. Hir family tended to tease hir about this nearly useless Talent until the day they got taken over by pirates, and hir Talent was a key factor in coordinating the Starwalker's fight-back. For hir efforts, shi was awarded the right to bear the next kit to be born into the family. This is a great honour within the strictly population-controlled Starwalker clans.


Sample art by and copyright to Heather Bruton.

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