Species: Chakat (1/4 Chakamil, Kline Hybrid)
Gender: Herm
Born: 28 February 2335
Mother: Darkstar
Sire: Boyce Kline

ALAULA (Light of Dawn)

Bobcat patterned. Hir base color is rusty orange with dark speckles. Hir ears are prominently tufted, more like a lynx. Shi, like Starshine, is lanky as a child and fullsome as an adult but not so much. Hir adult figure is harder and more athletic. Sprouting from just behind Alaula's fore-shoulders on hir lower body are a pair of appendages that look like long antennae or possibly very slender wings. They are composed of a gleaming, opalescent material reminisent of Starrionae hull material, which glows and flickers in much the same way in response to Alaula's emotions. Each vane is about the length of hir lower body; in the stowed position the tips reach past hir rump. Each vane is roughly winglike in cross section but very narrow from front to back, only about eight centimeters. Though rigid for their length, the vanes are mounted to Alaula's body though universal articulations that allow a tremendous freedom of movement, just like a shoulder. Alaula's left arm, from the shoulder down, is completely enclosed in hard shell after the fashion of a Stariionae strength limb. Likewise the fingertips come to chisel-like points, without nails or claws. Her eyes are silver and appear segmented, like those of an insect, lacking irises or pupils. Shi has a vestigial sheath but no penis or other male reproductive organs.


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