A new hybrid species bringing together both science and magic was introduced to the universe entirely by accident. A colony set up on an island on Chakona by the recently contacted magical Equestrian races started experiencing unexpected mana surges which wreaked havoc with both magic and technology. Caught up in one of those extreme events while making love, a chakat (Tigerbright) and hir unicorn mate (Violet Woods) became magically interfertile and the mare conceived a hybrid child. Thus was born the first ponykat – Tiger Lily. (Teenage version of Tiger Lily illustrated below.)

Ponykats are a true blend of both species. While they are taurs like the chakats, the lower torso is outwardly that of a normal pony, although internally, they retain all ther biological improvements of their chakat progenitor. The upper torso is a typical anthro feline configuration including the chakat enhancements. However, they also have a short but fully functional unicorn horn.

Ponykats retain the chakat empathic ability but are also capable of performing levitation and magic spells as well as any unicorn, with an equivalent skill range. While they do not have a chakat's prehensile tail, their pony tail and hair possess the magical ability ability to hold things just like an Equestrian pony's. Their coat colour is consistent all over their body but any feline patterning is confined to the upper torso, and any equine pattern is only on the lower torso. The colours have the same wild diversity as the pony races. They are capable of earning cutie marks like a pony too.

Ponykats are hermaphrodites like chakats, although possessing an equine penis instead. Besides their own kind, they can freely interbreed with chakats and any pony type. However, the resulting progeny is always a ponykat due to their semi-magical nature. This enabled Violet's four ponykat children to find mates outside their species and yet still increase their numbers until a sufficiently large population of a few generations allowed them to breed with their own kind.


Art copyright © 2021 Foxenawolf. Character species created by Bernard Doove.

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