New Friend, New Home
by Voxanna Claps


        Earth, Melbourne 2332.

The PTV pulled up outside of a building, and a pregnant fox morph stepped out, carrying hir bag of possessions, the only things that shi owned.

Shi let out a sigh, straightening the maternity dress, fixing hir hair in hir reflection on the window. Shi looked at the modern but understated building with doors lettered with the words Ė The HH Club Ė in letters five centimetres high. Then shi entered the cool foyer where shi was confronted with a reception desk flanked by doors. On the right were double doors made of cherry wood, each with a large brass capital H attached to it. On the left was a much more modest door with a plaque stating Ė HH Club Administration. Behind the desk was a rabbit morph, shi looked up at the new arrival, and instantly hir face lit up.

"Voxanna, my dear, how are you?" shi asked, bounding over and gave the Vulpinoid a gentle hug, "I am terribly sorry for your loss."

Voxanna fought back hir tears, as hir emotions threatened to spring forth. Hir mate, and the father of hir unborn child, had recently been killed in one of those pointless devastating H1 riots. Why are humans so cruel and callous towards other beings, especially those that they are responsible in creating?

"Itís okay, Francine, each day I think of a reason to keep going, then this little one kicks some sense into me." Shi giggled, then yipped as the baby kicked.

"So, howís things, considering?" shi asked, lightly rubbing the swollen belly and smiling.

"Not so good. Iíve been evicted from our apartment; the rent was too much, even with the life insurance pay out. Is it possible to stay here for a few days, until the payment come through?"

"Honey, you can stay here as long as you like, you are a member here, after all." Shi replied giving hir a hug, then showing hir through the doors, after getting someone to mind the desk.

"Fortunately for you, Daniel did pay for the VIP membership, which includes accommodation, although the food is not included, but we can work something out." Shi replied, "Now, do you still have the badge?"

Voxanna reached into hir bag, and produced the pass for the HH Club.

"Good, at least you donít have to worry about being locked out. Now, follow me please, Iíll take you up to you room."

Voxanna followed the rabbit herm to a set of elevators, which shi activated with hir administrative security pass card. Once the doors opened, they stepped inside and shi pressed the top floor button. The doors closed and the elevator started its ascent.

"So, weíre having a gathering tomorrow and I was wondering if you would love to join us?" Francine asked, laying a gentle paw on Voxannaís shoulder, rubbing it.

"I donít know, I may not be in the moodÖ"

"Nonsense, hun, this is what the meetings are for – to get together and gain support and friends and to be cheered up." Shi gave hir a soft hug. Voxanna murred with pleasure, feeling a little bit happy.

"Yes, yes. I think I will come. Who knows, I might find someone special there,." shi said smiling and lightly rubbing hir belly.

Francine smiled and gave the belly another rub.

"Is this your first child?" shi asked.

"Yes, but, I donít want any more if my situation doesnít improve," shi said, with a sigh.

"Cheer up, hon. Iím sure youíll find someone really nice."

"Are you sure? I mean, my last mate was so different from other partners; we seemed to have a connection, deep soul-like feelings. He completed me."

"Well, Iím certain you canít find someone like Daniel, but you canít close yourself away from social interaction; itís not good for you or your childís upbringing. You need all the help you can get," Francine said, then shi stepped out into the corridor when the elevator stopped and the doors opened.

Voxanna followed hir to hir room, which shi opened and showed hir inside.

"This is where you can stay, as long as you need to. Dinner is at six, first night's meal is free, but afterwards, youíll have to pay your way. Iíll see you in two hours!" shi said, placing the bags in the bedroom. Then shi gave Voxanna a hug and bid hir Tail High before leaving.


To be continued in New Friend - New Companion.

Copyright © 2010 Voxanna Claps.

The Chakat Universe and the Double H Club are the creation of Bernard Doove and are used with his permission.


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