If You Can’t Stand the Heat
by Allen Fesler © 2015

Chakat Dusk dragged hirself into the galley a bit later than was the norm for the first meal of the ship’s day, hir tired and only half-groomed appearance causing some grins among the chakat teens already finishing their breakfasts.

“Talk about something the ’kat dragged in,” Chakat Roseberry snickered. “Make a long night of it did we?”

Dusk gave hir a dirty look as shi plopped down between chakats Nightsky and Morningmist – who handed hir a clean plate. Spooning up a big helping of eggs, shi muttered, “I don’t know where she kept getting the energy. It was like that silly advertisement we saw on that old recording with the bunny with the drum – she just kept going and going – and going and going and then going some more!

“Wait, are you trying to say one little rabbit morph outlasted a teen chakat?” Brighteyes exclaimed. “I know! Ask for a rematch and me ’n you can double-team her!”

“Triple-team her,” Roseberry injected with a grin.

“Quad!” Nightsky and Morningmist both chimed in before laughing at each other.

“It may take all five of us,” Dusk warned them. “Suzan has to be seen to be believed.”

As if simply saying the name could conjure up the demon in question, the doors to the kitchen slid open and a shapely brown and white bunny emerged with a fresh platter of bacon.

“Tess told me you’d finally gotten up,” she said with a smile. “I thought you chakats were supposed to have more stamina.”

“I want a rematch,” Dusk told her with a devious grin.

“Then you’d better rebuild your strength,” Suzan suggested as she dumped half the platter of bacon onto hir plate.

“I’m going to win this time,” Dusk promised her.

Seeing the grins from around the table, Suzan said, “If you want to win,” eyeing each of them in turn she continued, “bring friends – a lot of them!” She laughed as she returned to her kitchen – thereby missing the grins the five teens were now exchanging.

It was late evening and Suzan was in the process of finishing up cleaning her kitchen and getting it ready for tomorrow’s breakfast. Dinner had been a great success – well a success anyway, she corrected herself. She’d received rave reviews from all but one of the others, and that caused a frown to furrow her eyebrows. The captain of the ship hadn’t given it a rave review – or any review at all! He hadn’t even bothered to show up for dinner – though she was sure Tess had told him when it was ready. It was getting to seem more than just a habit with him and she was starting to get tired of it.

She glared at the pot of stew again; there were still at least a dozen taur-sized servings in it – even more if you were feeding mere bipeds like the captain. She had considered placing it in the cold room and feeding him a cold meal – when – or maybe if he ever got around to it, but she was more than a little miffed with him and she wanted to make sure he’d remember it. She went now to her spice rack and opened it up. While you could get the more common spices almost anywhere, there were some you almost had to go to the source to find, and the one she selected came all the way from a small town on Cait. The spice was rare and had to be handled carefully, lest the user get unexpected results. Suzan removed the large spice bottle and carefully sniffed it before cracking the lid and sniffing again. While not a strong smell, the spice was easy to detect if you had ever smelled it before. As the inner container seal seemed to be intact, she slid a smaller bottle from the larger and repeated her sniff test. The third and even smaller bottle contained an eye-drop type applicator, which she filled with the reddish-orange liquid. A single drop splashed into the pot, more than enough to ‘spice things up’ had the pot been brim full; as the pot was now far from full, it was now more than a little ‘spicy’. Still staring at the applicator, Suzan smirked as she squeezed out four more drops before replacing the applicator and carefully closing each of the bottles.

With the bottle put back in its place and the spice rack closed, Suzan was just stirring the pot when the missing captain was led in with a chakat teen on each arm and three bringing up the rear.

“Look what the chakats dragged in!” Brighteyes proclaimed, as shi didn’t quite give Neal a shove forward. “He just thought he could hide in engineering all night!”

“Somebody’s gotta keep this ship running,” Neal grumbled.

“If what you were doing was that important, I think Tess would have run interference for you,” Nightsky pointed out. “Since she didn’t, then you were more likely just goofing off. So eat before she tosses it out – it’s pretty good!”

“Alright already,” Neal groused, “I’ll eat.” Dusk handed him a large bowl and Suzan carefully filled it with stew. “Smells delicious,” Neal admitted as he got a roll and a drink before turning to go back into the galley.

Placing the lid on the stew, Suzan grinned at Dusk. “And I’ll see you – and any others that are brave enough to join you – later,” she promised before going out the door leading to the corridor.

“Hmmm, she seems awfully confident,” Morningmist commented as shi watched the rabbit sashay out the door.

“Huh,” Roseberry half agreed. “Maybe we should we have plenty of energy for her – that pot’s far from empty …”

More bowls were gotten and each was quickly filled with the still warm stew. Nightsky was filling the fifth bowl for hirself when Roseberry let out a yowl of pain – hir bowl hitting the floor overturned.

“It burns!” shi just managed to say as shi rushed to the sink and turned the cold water on full blast.

“No way – it’s barely warm,” Dusk said before taking a taste of hir own stew. Shi at least slopped hir bowl over the countertop before joining Roseberry at the sink.

“Bread seems to work better at absorbing it,” Neal told them from the doorway. “Milk might also help if whatever it is, is Earth based.”

Milk did help some, but so did a ration bar Neal was happy to discover; but the others were long gone from the kitchen by the time he returned. He carefully poured his bowl of stew down the drain before tipping over the big pot. He then dumped the three bowls the teens had left behind before asking Tess to have her cleaning bots take care of the fourth and the messes.

Stew wasn’t too surprised when Dusk informed her they’d be using a different room tonight; if there was to be more than just the two of them they’d need more space. The room was actually a small lounge that a number of taur beds had been made into one large bed to give them plenty of room to fool around on. The four chakats waiting for them all had big grins on their muzzles as she was led in.

“Only five against one? Tell you what, I’ll wait here while you go get more friends,” she offered with a grin.

Dusk smirked. “Oh, I think five to one odds should be enough – especially since we’re going to start off with a little game …”

“A game?” Suzan asked.

“We’re chakats,” Nightsky reminder her. “We like to play with our prey before we devour it!”

While Suzan wasn’t small as female rabbits went, each of the chakat teens were well over twice her mass, so she wasn’t too surprised at the ease at which Dusk picked her up and tossed her to the center of the bed laying face up. What was surprising was four of the chakats then each grabbing and arm or a leg to pull her out spread eagle. Roseberry was the only one left not holding the rabbit down, and shi now crawled up the bed until shi was nose to nose with the rabbit.

“On to the game,” shi said simply. “Do you want to stop or continue?” shi asked the trapped bunny with a grin.

Seeing the gleam in hir eye, Suzan decided she could play along – for now anyway. “Continue,” she replied.

What she received was proof that at least one teen knew how to kiss, all the way from gently barely felt pecks to ‘what the hell is your tongue doing halfway down my throat?’ This went on for several minutes, the other four lying as silent observers, keeping her from using her hands or legs to try and control the encounter.

Finally Roseberry pulled away from the now quite ‘warmed up’ bunny. “Stop or continue?” shi asked again.

“Continue,” Suzan whispered, finding she was short on breath for some reason.

Starting this time at her chin, the chakat worked hir way down to the rabbit’s collarbone before asking yet again.

“Continue!” Suzan didn’t quite demand, the pausing each time it was just getting good was maddening.

Both breasts were meticulously stimulated before the question came again.

Then the question came just before that teasing tongue touched her bellybutton.

And again on leaving the bellybutton. Suzan was ready to scream for mercy, but they were almost there!

“Continue,” Suzan gasped, and then again when she didn’t feel that teasing tongue anywhere. Then she felt as it just brushed her nether lips, stroking its way up to barely tap the nub at the top. She cooed in pleasure just before the nerve impulses from that area fully reached her brain. Just as your hand can feel like it’s being burned in ice water, it had taken a moment for her to tell pleasure from pain. When later asked, she would admit it was a bit like the time she’d burned herself on the torch she used to seer meat – but this was a thousand times worse! She cried out as she fought the hands holding her – the hands keeping her from reaching that pain! It may have only been seconds – but it felt like hours before she was able to notice that someone was working some kind of lotion into her still flaming bits. She also became aware that Roseberry was working equally hard to get something off hir tongue.

When the chakat could stand to put hir tongue back in hir mouth, shi moved so that shi was once again nose-to-nose with the bunny below hir.

“That was for whatever you did to the stew – we were not amused. Be advised that if you do that to us again, you’ll get it back as a douche and enema … do we understand each other?”

Suzan’s eyes never left the chakat’s as she very carefully nodded; while still very sensitive down there, the burn was just a memory. She’d have to ask Tess what they’d used as she hadn’t known there was something that could counteract that spice so quickly; but that was just a side thought, she still had to get through ‘now’.

Roseberry’s eyes softened on seeing the nod. “Very well, we’re even,” shi softly told the bunny. “So, do we stop here, or do we see where this leads?”

Flicking her limbs to indicate she wanted them to let go, Suzan said, “We continue – and you stop asking!” Freed, she grabbed the chakat’s head and pulled hir down for some tongue wrestling on her terms.

Weaver noticed the next morning that not only was Suzan acting overly tired, but so were most of the chakat teens. A raised eyebrow only got her headshakes and snickers, so she decided to wait and see what happened. Others though weren’t as patient …

“Okay, what happened? You guys go at it all night long or something?” Redtail demanded. The foxtaur vixen was sure she could smell sex on their recently cleaned furs, but there seemed to be something else as well.

“We just had a little too much last night …” Dusk began.

“Too much what?”

“Rabbit,” Morningmist said just as Nightsky said, “Stew.”

All five chakat teens broke out laughing.

“Yeah, that was it, we all had too much ‘Rabbit Stew’ Brighteyes snickered at the confused looks they were getting.

“Be careful though – it has a bite that burns!” Roseberry added before shi and the other four fled the room laughing.

The lone remaining chakat teen just shook hir head. “I have no idea what they did, but I’ll see if I can find out later,” Calmmeadow told the others.

Neal was late to breakfast and had half-expected to end up munching on an energy bar, but Suzan was waiting patiently for his arrival. In minutes she had finished making his omelet, which she placed before him before pouring him a tall glass of orange juice.

Neal looked down at the omelet and then back up at the cook.

“Captain, about last night,” she started as he tried a bite of his breakfast.

He interrupted her saying, “I don’t mind the ship’s cook showing her annoyance at the ship’s engineer – or even the ship’s captain for that matter; but I do worry about someone with such powerful weapons – and such piss-poor aim.” At her look of confusion, he said, “It could just as easily have been Weaver looking for a snack with Star begging a taste before she knew that it wasn’t safe for her kit …”

Suzan opened her mouth to say something before closing it. Finally she stated, “It won’t happen again, Captain.”

Neal nodded. “Good enough,” he said before taking another bite. “I’ve been told that you and the others burned have also come to an agreement so I’ll consider the matter closed.”

“Thank you, Captain.”




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