Curse To Blessing
by Admiral Q



Shi woke up when the Sunlight hit hir eyes, shi hated it when it did that. But shi did forget to rotate the blinds to block it out. You live after all these years shi would remember to do that. With a yawn shi gets up and stretches as only a chakat can. Shi looks over to the bed and feels sadness. It was empty, has been empty for a long while. Hir last mate died many years ago of old age. Shi heads over to hir dresser and sees the various pictures of hir mates and family. That manage to bring a small to hir face as shi went from picture to picture. Shi has done a lot in hir time, so much so that shi has guards for the rest of hir life it seems though maybe a little bit longer and the bulk of the threat will be gone. Thankfully the compound was large enough for the guards to have their own place. Though being very social creatures shi still needed hir privacy but shi did have them over for the various holidays. The pictures stop and shi just sees hir image in the mirror. An image that hasn't change for a very long time and hir smile disappears. Shi brushes hir hair and gets it nice before leaving the room and the image shi is cursed with. It certainly felt like a curse, that image mocking hir as shi saw hir mates die. Shi actually has been tempted to end it all but hir belief that it's a sin and the chakat strive for life prevent hir.

Shi opens the door to a long hallway. A hallway filled with empty rooms, though they do get filled every ten years. However they're still empty. Diamond Eye, a young cheerful chakat who works at a general store offered to stay and assist hir, in more ways than one that was lust and love shi detected last time. Could shi endure another lost? Shi didn't think so but is it better to be nearly alone?

Shi reaches the foyer and looks over the balcony to the main floor. What was today, Thursday? No it was 6th day. Even after all this time here on Chakona shi still has conversion problems. When shi became the head of the clan the Clan home on Chakona was best suited for that function. Despite how much hir home on Earth was renovated it just wasn't big enough to host the clan during a Clan Gathering. Also it was good for hir to leave Earth for a time. There are still some remnants of Human First that would LOVE to see hir dead, but shi hopes to one day return to Earth and the connection it has to hir. Shi sighs again and curses hir ageless body. Shi had stop aging a longtime ago and it drove hir nuts. Heck shi was glad hir tail finally stopped growing other wise shi'd have hir tail laying everywhere in this house.

Shi gets to the bottom of the stairs when the doors open. Immediately a blue and red little fuzzball races towards hir. “Longtail Redstreak!” Shi cries as shi leaps into the arms of hir several great grandmother. Red Sky was always such a joy for Red.

“And how's my little kit huh?” Shi looks into the kittens eyes and sees the unique dual color pupils shi has inherited from one of Red's mates. One with a more complicated and strange origin than hir own.

“I'm not a kit I'm a cub!” Red Sky declares.

“Okay how about my little Red?”

“As long as I can call you Big Red.” The cub hugs Red and shi feels the deep love the cub has for hir and hir telepathy tells hir that Red Sky can't imagine life without hir. This, this is what shi would missing and the reason shi's here. If shi aged normally for a chakat shi would have never met Red Sky. Maybe this isn't a curse as shi long believed. Shi gets to see the generations that shi help start after all. Instead of hiding from the universe shi should go out and live in it where hir mates no longer can. Maybe just maybe this was a blessing after all.

And maybe shi should take up Diamond Eye's offer after all.


Chakats and the Chakat universe are copyright © Bernard Doove, and are used with permission.

All other characters are copyright © 2013 Admiral Q


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