A handy reference to the characters in the My Little Pony fanfictions.

              Hi there!

I'm Whirring Cogs, but you can call me just Cogs for short. Goldfur has written many tales that tell my story and others in the House Path Universe, but shi has also collaborated with Airy Words in a series of stories based in an alternate Equestria called the Mark Wells Universe. There have been so many ponies, griffons, changelings, and other characters in them that it's difficult to remember them all. So, for your convenience (and mine too!), here's a handy reference to most of the significant characters in both.

This awesome portrait of me to the left is by Foxenawolf and is copyright © 2016.

All other art is copyright to their respective artists © 2013 - 2023.

Aerial Ace Airy Words A.K. Yearling Allura Aloe Amarissa
Anticline Apicula Applejack Apple Bloom Arvid Asperitrex
Autumn Blaze Baked Bean Bartleby Beatrix Lulamoon (Dr) Bellows Berryshine
Big Mac Black Nimbus Blazing Shield Blue Arc Blue Collar Blueblood
Blood of Vigilance Blossomforth Bon Bon Bow Hothoof Brachia Brandy Flambé
Bright Beam Bright Candle Bright Insight Bright Spark Bright Wing Broad Stripe
Buried Spear Butterfly Sky Caballeron Cadence Cadance Caleb Awad
Calming Hooves Calyxia Candlebright Candy Mane Careful Carter Carpacia
Cattail Celestia Chalk Cola Cherish Blossom Cherry Berry Chipped Hoof
Chromatic Tone Chrysalis Chrysanthemum Chryssy Clear Skies Clementine
Cloud Kicker Cloudy Quartz Pie Clover Coiled Steel Coloratura Cold Strike
Consommé Cookie Crumbles Coriander Cumin Cozy Glow Cranky Doodle Cressida
Crimson Boulder Crispberry Crosswind Crumb Catcher Crystal Shield Dactylia
Daisy Cutter Daring Do Davenport Delta Vee Derpy Hooves Diadem (1)
Diadem (2) Diamond Dust Diligent Design Diligent Watch Discord Donut Joe
Double Diamond Dusky Wings Dusty Dreams Eagle Gaze East Wind Easy Breeze
Ember (D) Ember (C) Estelle López Ebon Blade Ebon Flask Ebon Flight
Endless Scroll Even Ledger Evening Gale Eventide Exact Point Fancy Pants
Far Sight Fast Mover Faust Feather Staff Femur Fernando
Fiduciary Trustee Flagellum Flash Sentry Flash Magnus Fleur de Lis Flim & Flam
Fluttershy Flurry Heart Flying Sparks Foamy Brew Forthright Full Accountability
Gabby Gallus Garble Garrote Wire Gemini Gentle Touch
Ghost Blade Gilda Gilded Buckler Gilded Tapestry Glenn Glomgold
Golden Crust Golden Gleam Golden Grapevine Golden Syrup Golden Touch Graceful Spire
Granny Smith Greta Grinding Stone Grogar Ground Quake Grubber
Gusty Wind Hardy Wings Harshwhinny Hawkeye Haxtur Heavenly Aroma
Helix Hexbreaker High Station Hokey Pokey Honey Mustard Hondo Flanks
Icy Rain Igneous Rock Pie Igneous Strata Imani Williams Iridescence Ivana Kalchik
Ivory Scroll Jack Pot Jet Set Jennis Jewel Petit Jolene Harris
Juicy Fruit Junebug Keen Eyes Kreesach Lace Doily Lacewing
Latisha Tyson Lilac Meadow Limestone Pie Linear Algorithm Lightning Strike Lost Scroll
Lotus Luna Luna Selene Luster Dawn Lyra Heartstrings Macintosh Apple
Magnolia Majestic Quill Marble Pie Mark Wells Marigold Martingale
Matilda Maud Pie Mayor Mare Maxilla Maximum Lift Mayhem
Meadowbrook Michelle Van Dijk Miguel Martine Milky Way Mistmane Moon Dancer
Morning Glory Mountain Blood Muffins Mystic Confluence Natalya Chancellor Neighsay
Night Bloom Night Glider Night Light Night Streak Nikos Novo
Nyx Ocean Flow Ocellus Octavia Open Skies Opulent Affair
Oralia Orchard Breeze Orthoptera Overseer Palmbreeze Papilla
Parasol Party Favor Pearl Belle Penumbra Pharynx Phenolgia
Phillipe Phil Martine Photo Finish Pinkie Pie Pocket Watch Polished Barding
Polistae Pollen Press Postgena Pounding Beat Precise Fit Precious Goods
Prim Daisy Proper Place Protective Gaze Race Sulky Radiant Beams Ragged Beak
Ragged Edge Rainbow Dash Rainy Day Rampant Gale Rancid Clover Rancid Luck
Rarity Belle Raven Inkwell Red Delicious Redfeather Reef Knot Regis Novellus
Rockhoof Rock Crusher Rolled Steel Rosa Martine Roseluck Ruby Apple
Rutherford Saffron Masala Sandbar Sanguine Dreams Sapphire Shores Sasha
Satin Plume Sawfly Scootaloo Scorpan Scrounger Seaspray
Semiplume Shariq Hussein Sharp Axe Sharp Bends Sharp Lance Sharpened Quill
Shining Armor Shiny Button Silky Sheets Silver Dreams Silverstream Sky Beak
Skyla Skystar Slingshot Slipstream Sludge Smolder
Smooth Fit Solid Grasp Sombra Somnambula Songbird Serenade Soothing Touch
Soup Sandwich Spectacle Spectral Blade Spike Spitfire Splint Wing
Spotlight Spring Bouquet Starlight Glimmer Star Swirl Staunch Bastion Staunch Blade
Steady Flight Sterling Steven Magnet Storm Flag Storm King Stratus Skyranger
Sturdy Build Sturdy Frame Stygian Subtle Breeze Sugar Belle Sunbeam
Suncrisp Apple Sunburst Sunshower Sure Hooves Sure Shot Sweetie Belle
Sweetie Drops Swift Gallop Tarsalia Tea Cozy Tempest Shadow Terramar
Thorax Thunderbolt Thunderlane Tirek Top Drawer Topper
Torch Torch Blaze Tranquil Boon Treehugger Trixie Trochanter
Trotter Trouble Shoes Twilight Sparkle Twilight Velvet Tyrone Davis Vanquished Will
Vectrix Verdant Wells Vespa Vintage Scroll Vinyl Scratch Vigne Dorée
Violet Shores Whisk Broom Willow Branch Winding Way Windy Whistles Wingover
Wing Shredder Woodwind Warble Xyrdur Yolanda Martine Yona Zecora
Zesty Gourmand Zuberi

Antikythera Path Blue Arc Blue Line Celestia Chrysalis
Cloud Pounder Cobalt Dreams Crystal Path Dandelion Dreams
Forest Breeze Golden Words Healing Hooves Keen Eyes
Lavender Dreams Mauve Prose Moonlit Haze Mystery Mare
Novel Tale Pearl Charm Penumbra Path Polistae
Quazi Set Square Silver Heartbreaker Sky Fern
Soothing Touch Summer Storm Sunrise Blaze Twilight Sparkle

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