Adventures of Blackstar
By Chakat Blackstar
Chapter 3: Invasion

Blackstar had assembled a small crew to man a group of modified freighters that Blackstar planned on using to search for the Time Matrix. Shi was accompanied by the Caitian Fleet Admiral VíLes, who was on extended leave from Star Fleet, a freighter Captain named Faera who was a normal cattaur, Vega Griffin, who looked as close to a cat-girl as a cat morph could get. Blackstar was also accompanied by new Blitz team member Serena, a cross-breed of a foxtaur and wolftaur. They were aboard Blackstarís personal ship, the Midnight Star, when they learned that the rest of the Blitz team aboard the Starship Mystic, were in the solar system. Blackstar sent the freighters on ahead while shi met up with the main members of hir team.

Blackstar was surprised to find hir partner, a Caitian named Nightrose, was escorting hir little sister to the Spacedockís infirmary. "What happened?"

Nightrose explained how the modified Advanced Flying Unit (AFU) had sent the ship at impossible speeds when they broke free of whatever they had been trapped in. When they did it the main screen became so bright that it blinded Blackstarís sister, Trip.

As the two felines waited for the doctor to finish examining Trip they began to discuss what happened, "Iím sorry about this Blacky. This is my fault," said Nightrose.

"How is this your fault?" asked Blackstar.

Nightrose gave hir a dirty look, "I let you do something without me around. When you go on dangerous assignments I am always there to back you up at the very least. Anyone else would be dead."

"If you went with that kind of thinking you should blame Faera, who convinced you to stay behind," noted Blackstar. "And if you were anyone else I wouldíve left you behind a long time ago. Donít take this the wrong way, but you take being my partner too seriously."

Nightrose looked at the ground. "I gave you my word that Iíd be your partner as long as you let me."

"You can leave this partnership anytime you want."

"But the thing is that I donít want to!"

Blackstar was surprised; shi had never known Nightrose to raise hir voice to anyone. Before shi could ask what was going on the nurse came in. "The doctor will see you now."

Blackstar and Nightrose walked into the examination room. The doctor, a human female, greeted them, "Iím Doctor Dove, now we need to talk about Firefoxís condition."

"Dove, Dove," said Blackstar, "Where have I heard that name before?"

"Well do you read the Scientific Chakat?"

"No. I donít read much thatís medical related." Blackstar snapped hir fingers a few times, "I know Iíve heard it somewhere though."

"Can we get back to the patient," asked the irritated doctor. "Hir eyes were heavily damaged. We have a few options, none of which are perfect. There is the possibility of cloning hir eyes and replacing them with surgery."

"That could take months, maybe years," complained Trip. "Are there any faster options?"

The doctor nodded. "There are cybernetic replacements that we could try. Not only will they replace your vision but they also will improve it. There is a device that could be linked to Firefoxís remaining visual receptors. Shi can adjust what shiíll see. Itíll take a few months for hir to go through the necessary therapy, but itís that or shi waits for the cloned eyes. Unless shi wants to go blind. Luckily shi is a Chakat so itíll only be a matter of time before the eyes naturally regenerate over time. With medical assistance shiíll have normal eyesight before hir First."

Blackstar turned to hir sister, "itís your choice Trip."

Trip nodded, "Doctor, would it be possible to remove and reinstall the device at will, even after my eyes regenerate?"

The Doctor thought about it for a moment, "I suppose so."

Trip turned to hir sister, relying on hir empathic sense, "It looks like Iíll be sitting this mission out, sis. Hopefully youíll be back before my therapyís over." Shi walked over to hir sister and hugged hir. As Blackstar returned the hug hir sensitive hearing heard hir sister whisper, "Donít get killed."

"Iíll do my best."

Nightrose smiled as she saw the exchange, while she made arrangements for Tripís stay. She and Blackstar were surprised when Trip hugged Nightrose. "Keep hir out of trouble."

Blackstar asked, "Trip, do you realize I can hear you?"

"Yes." Nightrose and Trip giggled.

Blackstar returned to the Mystic with Nightrose. Shi was surprised when they were greeted by Sky. Hy handed Blackstar a PADD. Shi scanned over it. "What is the meaning of this?"

"My resignation. My negligence resulted in the injury of a Blitz team crewmember." Hy was standing so straight and formal Blackstar thought shi was going to get a strain just watching.

"Explain," demanded Blackstar.

"While working on the reverse warp maneuver I overrode all safeties. Including the viewscreenís dimmer feature," explained Sky

Sky was shocked when Blackstar began laughing. "Sky, Tripís condition isnít permanent. And you saved the ship, when most engineers wouldíve failed. If you think youíre going to get away that easily, think again. It wasnít your fault. Now I want you to take your resignation and delete it. Then I want you to go to bed. We have a big day tomorrow and I need you at your best. Now I need to know how Parishka is duplicating herself."

Sky tilted hys head to the side, which Blackstar knew was a sign that hy was theorizing. "Maybe clones, but those are difficult to create a perfect duplicate, and itís even harder to add the memory engrams. HmmÖ maybe, a transporter duplicate."

"A transporter duplicate?" asked Nightrose, "Could you explain?"

Sky explained, "Well, a transporter normally transports a personís original matter, but it could use matter at the other end of the transmission beam and merge it with the pattern from the transporterís Mind Matrix. It would be difficult and inconvenient for regular transport process, but itís far from impossible. Something similar happened to an Ensign Dale Perkins a while back. He was transporting with a large amount of bio-matter when a damn Humanís First group damaged the transporter. They lost his physical pattern, but they used the pattern of the last person through the transporter, a Chakat named Goldfur."

"Wait," said Nightrose, "Does that mean this Perkins is a copy of a Chakat now?" Sky nodded. "Bummer," Blackstar glared at her, "that didnít come out right."

"No," said Blackstar, "I just didnít expect a Caitian to say bummer."

"It couldíve been worse," said Sky, "I met Goldfur once back on Earth. Shiís very attractive, very intelligent, and very friendly. I know worse people that Perkinsí body couldíve been turned into."

"Thanks Sky," said Blackstar, "now go to bed." Sky gave a small salute and walked off.

Blackstar began walking towards hir quarters, but paused when shi realized that Nightrose was following hir. "What are you doing?"

"You mean following you?" asked Nightrose. "Simple Ė Iím not letting you out of my sight. Iím not going to make the same mistake twice."

Blackstar raised one eyebrow, "Does this mean you plan on being my roommate?" Shi was surprised when Nightrose nodded. "Then I have one simple question. Why?"

Nightrose looked around to make sure the corridor was empty. She grabbed Blackstar by the arm and led hir to hir room. "Letís continue this inside." When they were inside and Nightrose was sure they were alone she asked, "How much do you know about Caitian mating customs?"

Blackstar recalled, "Females outnumber the males five or six to one. They mate in a fashion similar to Terran lion prides. Each male can have up to six wives, but itís the first wife who is in charge of the household. Status goes up with each wife. While itís possible to have more then six status begins to go down. The wives are also assigned one of the six virtues of mating. The First wife is always intelligence because she has to make an informed choice on future mates. The other virtues areÖ"

"Okay, thatís enough," said Nightrose. "Where did you learn all that?"

"VíLes is mated to my grandfather, remember? She used to baby-sit a lot."

Nightrose sat down, while Blackstar lay down on hir bedding. Nightrose began, "itís rare for a Caitian to mate outside her species because we wouldnít be able to reproduce. And some people, like humans, only take one mate for life." Nightrose hesitated, "But sometimes, love overrides our need for tradition."

"Oh, I see," said Blackstar, "youíve fallen in love with someone outside of your own species. And your love for him is fighting with your instincts and sense of tradition." Nightrose nodded, "As a chakat I suggest you go with love, naturally. But as your friend I suggest you think about the pros and cons of mating with this person. You may not even really be in love with them, and I donít want to see you throw your life away for a passing infatuation."

"Would you say that even if it were you?" asked Nightrose.

"Even if it was me," said Blackstar. "Weíre talking hypothetically now, right." Nightrose nodded almost too quickly.

Nightrose looked down, "Blacky, do you mind if I sleep here tonight?"

"UmÖ sure, I guess. Why would you want to?"

Nightrose hesitated, "Knowing that youíre near me makes me feel safe. Do you mind?"

"Only if you donít mind me sleeping in the nude," teased Blackstar.

Blackstar was caught completely off guard when Nightrose embraced hir in a hug and nuzzled hir, "Thank you. Oh, and I should warn you, youíre not the only one who sleeps nude."

Blackstar grinned, "I think I finally know why I put up with you. Youíre the only person I know enough to be able to know exactly what youíre going to say, but still catch me off guard."

"That doesnít make any sense."

"I know. Thatís what I like about it."

Nightrose giggled. Blackstar removed hir vest, revealing hir above average size breasts. Nightrose had seen the sight many times before, Blackstar often preferred being nude when in private, or on certain off-duty occasions. Blackstar however was surprised when Nightrose removed her top. Blackstar had only seen Nightrose naked on a handful of occasions in unusual circumstances. When Nightrose finished removing her clothes she noticed Blackstar staring at her. "Is something wrong?"

When Blackstar found hir voice again shi said, "Iím sorry for staring. I just didnít realize you were serious."

Nightrose grinned, "Blacky, Iím always serious."

"Even when youíre joking?"

"Especially when Iím joking," Nightrose laid down and gestured for Blacky to lay behind her. A suggestion that Blackstar took. Shi curled up around the Caitian, who then proceeded to snuggle up closer to the Chakat. Blackstar was just falling asleep when shi heard the sleepy Caitian purring. Blackstar probed the Nightroseís mind with hir empathic sense and sensed a great amount of happiness emanating from the Caitianís mind. Blackstar grinned and followed hir partnerís example.

The next morning Blackstar, Nightrose, Faera, and Serena boarded the Midnight Star which was docked with the Mystic. Sasha met Blackstar at the airlock, "How long should we wait for you?"

"Zero seconds," said Blackstar, "I want you to begin the search immediately. Donít worry, Iíll find you no problem."

"No problem? Iíve heard that before," said Sasha. "What about the person that sabotaged the ADF? For all we know the saboteur could be on the Star right now."

Blackstar gave Sasha a skeptical look. "The only people on board that had the chance to sabotage the ADF are Nightrose and myself. It couldíve been a simple case of Deus ex Machina."

"Or Faera. Sheís visited the Mystic while we were constructing the ADF," pointed out Sasha, "I donít trust her. I think sheíd sell us out in minute if she was paid enough. Now youíre escorting her back to her ship. What makes you think you can trust her?"

Blackstar looked behind hir to look at the shipís airlock. "Letís just say Iíve known her longer then even she knows. I trust her, just like I trusted you a few years ago"

"What about the cat girl?" asked Sasha.

"My advice is keeping one eye open, and hide the alcohol."

"I donít drink," said Sasha. Blackstar blinked twice before Sasha added, "Donít worry, you might be the captain but I still have a few hiding places you donít know about."

"Are you sure about that?" asked Blackstar who promptly turned around and added a confident swishing to hir tail as shi walked away.

Sasha shook her head, "Some day hir confidence will come to bite hir in the tail," she said to herself. "Then again shi might be right. I hope she is. Iíve got to stop talking to myself, people might start thinking Iím crazy."

"Too late for that," said a feminine voice.

Sasha spun her head around looking for the voiceís owner, but couldnít find her. "Great, now Iím hearing voices. Iíve got to take a vacation soon. This jobís getting to me."

The Midnight Star left the Mystic far behind as she activated her advanced FTL drive. Unlike the Warp Drive traditionally used by Federation starships or even the skim drive of the Mystic, the Midnight Star created a slipstream in hyperspace, hence the name Slipstream drive. The Midnight Star was one of the few ships capable of navigating in Slipstream because of her unique computer and guidance systems, something the Stellar Federationís technology couldnít reproduce at present time, although it was one of many new Faster Then Light drives that scientists were working on.

Blackstar joined hir fellow travelers in what was the Midnight Starís only crew lounge. "We should be back to Quenxel in about twenty-four hours. So what did I miss?"

Serena giggled, "Is it true you were a street racer?"

Blackstarís cocky grin made an appearance, "People once claimed that I had Nitrous running through my veins. Back then I went the nickname of Silverbolt. And one of the only two racers to finish the Downtown jump of Sheboygan, I might add."

"But you were the only one of the two to get arrested by the cops, but I guess you never mention that," added Serena.

"Well, I was able to get away with a clean record, and I got the car back. Which by the way still ran once I replaced the tires. But the neon also had to be replaced, along with some minor body damage from when the cops scrambled my carís electrical system," Blackstar pointed out. "But you had to replace the neon, the front end and repair your radiator." Serenaís eyes widened in surprise. "Didnít think I recognized you, 8-Ball?"

Nightrose interrupted, "Actually, you checked her record and realized where you knew her from." Blackstar gave Nightrose a dirty look.

Serena chuckled, "I must admit how surprised I was to learn that Silverbolt here was not only a law-abiding citizen, but that shi started an organization to enforce the law. I must admit youíve come a long way from the street racing criminal I once knew."

"Well, I had some extra cash so I put it to good use and started a pirate fighting force," said Blackstar.

"Where did you get all that money from? If I remember correctly you were the one who bought the Majestic, and the one who constructed the Mystic," said Nightrose. "Unless youíve been making secret contracts with our employers behind my back, in which case I would kill you, I donít know where you could get the money."

"Itís quite simple, really," explained Blackstar, "I got a generous inheritance from my grandsire when shi died, and I made some very good investments." "I have two questions about that," said Faera. "One: isnít your grandsire MIA? Two: if youíre really that rich, why do you risk your life on a regular basis?"

Blackstar grinned, "Youíre thinking of Starfox who, although I call hir my grandsire, is technically my grandmother. Weird, isnít it?"

"What about this ship?" asked Faera. "Not only does it have a Slipstream drive, but it can navigate Slipstream without a living pilot at the helm. Iíve never been able to do that with the Torrin. Federation computers arenít powerful enough."

"Wait," said Serena, "what can a live pilot do that a computer canít?"

Blackstar explained it for Serenaís benefit. "For some reason a living pilot can navigate a slipstreamís seemingly unpredictable nature for some reason only a biological can make the necessary corrections to travel though slipstream. A computer, even one with an advanced AI unit, canít seem to predict the right corrections. One theory is that maybe itís the biological pilot that makes it the correct path."

"Now that makes me even more confused about how this ship is on auto-pilot," said Serena.

Blackstarís grin got even wider. Nightrose was wondering just how much bigger that grin could get. "Itís quite simple," said Blackstar, "the Midnight Star doesnít have an auto-pilot. Whereas some ships have an advanced AI system, this ship has an actual person as the equivalent of an AI. So when people refer to this ship with the female pronoun, itís actually true. Her name is Layla. Say hi Layla."

"Hi, Layla," said a feminine voice seemingly out of nowhere.

"Smartass," said Blackstar. "It must be anyone hooked into a computer."

"Laylaís a pretty name," said Faera. "Does it mean anything?"

Layla answered, "Itís Arabic, and itís usually translated as night, dark night, girl born at night, and/or ecstasy of wine and a moonless night."

Blackstar raised hir glass. "An appropriate name considering this shipís name."

Layla laughed. "The ship was named after I was, remember. Silly fuzzball."

"So, Layla, do you have a physical form?" asked Nightrose.

"That depends on what you mean," said Layla. "If you mean a body with limbs, eyes, that sort of thing, not really. I have on occasion appeared in holographic form on the hologrid though. My original body was crippled by a rare disease, but my mind was fine. I was given a mechanical body, and eventually I was transferred to my current ship form. My original body is protected by several layers of super strong metal alloys. Just like anyone else, I have skills, likes, dislikes, and pet peeves just like everyone else. Oh, and donít worry about privacy, Iím a computer not a peeping tom."

Nightrose breathed a barely audible sigh of relief. Faera posed a question, "Do you have complete control over the ship, and if so why do you need a crew?"

Layla laughed again, "I need a crew for heavy maintenance and for companionship. Itís hard to find another ship with a sentient computer. But before we left Earth I did meet a very interesting one named Tess. As for control, I can override any system connected to the Midnight Starís computer cores, and related systems, but they canít override me. I can also override systems Iím connected to if I have the correct override codes."

"Thatís a lot of power to be given," said Serena.

"Not, really," said Layla, "many captains and owners of starships have a total override code that they can use to control a starship; this is no different." Everyone gave Blackstar the look.

There was a moment of silence before Blackstar said, "Well, this is awkward." Another moment, "So who wants to play twister?" Blackstar found hirself under assault by a number of pillows.

After a boring day of talking with the girls, Blackstar returned to hir cabin to go to bed and was just taking hir top off when there was a knock on hir door. Out of curiosity Blackstar decided to see who it was before yelling at them. Shi was surprised when shi was greeted by Nightrose. "Whatís up?"

Nightrose seemed hesitant, "I couldnít sleep. Do you mind if I join you?"

"UmÖ okay," said Blackstar. It wasnít long before they were snuggled together in bed again. Blackstar was surprised when Nightrose was purring without even realizing it again. "Perhaps you should move in with me," joked Blackstar.

Nightroseís head perked up, "Really?"

Blackstarís mouth hung open for a minute before shi got it closed again. Shi had never seriously considered having Nightrose move in, and never expected Nightrose to want to move in. Being cautious, Blackstar said, "I didnít expect you to take me seriously. Why exactly would you want to move in with me?"

A slightly embarrassed Nightrose took a moment to answer, "Well, it seems to help me sleep at night. And Iím, well, what Iím trying to say isÖ" Blackstar gestured for Nightrose to continue.

"Nightrose, is there something else?"

"Yes," Nightroseís voice was barely a whisper, "before I left Cait, a male I was interested in promised he would make himself worthy to be my husband, and he wanted me as first wife. I told him to wait while I joined StarFleet for a few years. Then that failed, and I got side-tracked with you. When I fell off the grid he assumed that I wouldnít return out of shame. I learned that he gained his first wife last month. He was my safety net for a mate."

"You lost that net." Blackstar finally understood. "Youíve been worried about never having a family to take care of." Blackstar mentally filled in the blanks. Nightrose had become so protective of Blackstar and the Blitz team that they had become a surrogate family to her. Blackstar suspected which role shi was in but didnít want to make any unnecessary assumptions; they had bitten hir in the tail in the past. "You can stay with me as long as you want."

Nightrose teared up and hugged Blackstar, "Thank you."

The rest of the night was very private, but Blackstar had a nagging feeling like someone was watching.

On the Mystic, Sky was having problems of hys own. "There is no way we could last more then five minutes in your pseudo-slipstream. Weíve never tried anything like that before and I believe those speeds would tear this ship apart."

Vega shook her head, "I must point out that isnít correct. In your most recent journey to Earth, your Advanced Flying Unit created an uncontrolled pseudo-slipstream. You went far faster than we would try with the controlled pseudo-slipstream. Besides, worst case scenario weíll have to drop the main core, but the auxiliary cores should be enough to limp to the nearest base."

Sky disliked being told what to do, or what hy was doing wrong, and Vega was doing both. "Do you realize how expensive the main core is? And if your pseudo-slipstream failed like our accidental one, weíd lose the AFU as well. I know the captain wants us to hurry, but I donít think shi wants us to tear hir ship apart in the process."

"Sky, what do you know about Blackstarís past?"

Hy thought a moment before shrugging hys shoulders, "Not much. Shi lived with hir family for a while, fought pirates. Lived on Earth for a while, joined the academy. Then shi got kicked out and then shi started the Blitz team. Thatís all I know, really. Why?"

Vega started explaining, "Between the end of hir traditional schooling and hir entry into the academy, we worked together as partners. I guess thatís why shi never worked well solo. But when we worked together shi trusted me with numerous modifications to hir vehicles, and the only time it blew up in our face was when it was intentional." At Skyís questioning glance Vega said, "Itís a long story. It was a trick that Blackstar came up with. Shi had used a similar one before I met hir, when shi was working on the Black Curse project."

Sky took a double take on what Vega said. "The Black Curse project? That project was discontinued over a decade ago."

"I shouldnít have said that," said Vega who returned her attention to the console in front of her. The Black Curse project was a project that never should have been started. Its purpose was to create temporal weapons. When the dangers of the project became known to the Federation Council, it had the project canceled.

"Vega, how was Blackstar involved in the program?" asked Sky

"Shi is the person who made it possible for the program to exist," said Vega. "Before the Time Matrix was hidden, enough study was done to figure out the basic principle of it. When the device was hidden, a group of scientists began working on duplicating its abilities. They even constructed a prototype temporal displacement device, but it was never tested."

"How is that possible? Blackstarís medical records show that shiís eighteen years old. Nineteen tops," said Sky, "does it have to do with this temporal project?"

"Thatís private," said Vega. "Everyone has their secrets. Iím sure you wouldnít want me to tell Blackstar about how you were ready to marry a human woman and left her at the altar when you accidentally changed gender in front of her whole family."

Skyís mouth hung open in disbelief, "how did you know about that? I never told anyone about that. Not even my family."

"I have my sources," said Vega. "Oh, and your mom wants you to stop all this crazy work and come home. Hy says you should take a more practical and more stable job back on Chakona."

She was stopped when Sky hit her with a left hook to her jaw. "I donít know how you got your information, but I want you to stop and I donít want you telling anyone else about that. Got it?"

"Ya, just remind me to never piss you off," said Vega. "Now letís start installing my new stealth equipment."

"Stealth technology? How does it work?" asked Sasha, who had just entered Main Engineering.

"How long have you been there?" asked Sky.

"Just got here. Were you talking about me?"

"Donít flatter yourself," said Vega. "My stealth technology works on the similar basis of Metamaterials. Are you familiar with those?" Sasha shook her head. "In the 21st century human scientists developed an invisibility shield that would make an object invisible. Metamaterial is a complex hybrid structure of metal and insulator that makes light move around an object like air flowing over an airplane wing. In a process called refraction, these materials interact with light in such a way that it travels faster through the metamaterial than it does through a vacuum, the famed c in Einsteinís special theory of relativity. Properly tuned, the light emerges from the shield as if there were no object present.

"This cloak works on the same principle, bending sensor signals around the effected area. It also has the advantage of letting active sensors going out the cloak field. The trick is adjusting the receiver so that it can pick up signals behind the cloak. The problem is that another ship can still detect the active pulses."

"Itíll be like crewing a submarine," said Sky, "sending out a "sonar pulse" will be the same as transmitting our position, so each time we send an active pulse weíll have to change our speed and course to avoid someone firing on our probable position."

"Essentially, yes," said Vega, "Weíll have to work on upgrading the passive sensors. Who knows, maybe weíll run into someone who could help with us."

Sky said, "Iíve been working on creating Zulus. The originals were created by Captain Foster, but I havenít gotten my hands on them. Theyíre so small that itís difficult to find them on active sensors, and they could easily double our passive range, but I havenít succeeded in creating the necessary range, or sensor abilities to make it work, yet."

"Unfortunate," said Vega, "but weíll have to make do."

Sasha said, "Okay. Iíll leave you two alone with your technobabble."

Vega turned to Sky and asked, "How is Captain Foster?"

Sky looked confused, "I never met him. Do you know Foster?"

Vega shook her head, "I only know him by his reputation. I think Blackstar knew him a while back but I believe that they had some falling out a while back. Shi never really talked about him much. When I asked hir about it, Blackstar would say it started with Foster saying that the Flintstones couldíve really happened. Or at least thatís how the story started. Over time shiís claimed that they had a fight about whether or not the first critter to leave Earthís atmosphere was a dog, who the strongest Power Ranger was, and I think once shi even claimed to have hit him with a shovel. I think shi was just too much of a brat for Captain Foster to put up with."

Sky nodded, "I can see that happening. Blackstar hates being wrong."

"No shi doesnít," said Vega, "shiís never wrong." Vega and Sky both grinned knowing that Blackstar always maintained the story that shi never had made a mistake. Changing the subject Vega asked, "What are this ship's unique abilities?"

"What do you mean?"

Vega rolled her eyes, "Nice try. Every ship has something unique about it."

"Fine," said Sky. "Almost everything is completely modular, the main computerís processors almost seem alive, the main warp core is positioned horizontal rather then vertical, and the bow has something that I canít identify," answered Sky. "Thatís only what Iíve discovered so far. Iím not quite sure what Blackstar was thinking when shi designed it."

"Blackstar designed the whole ship?" asked Vega. Sky nodded. When Sky turned hys attention to hys console, Vega said to herself, "Thatís interesting. Thatís very interesting."

Serena was an early riser since birth and often had a few hours in the morning by herself, but when the Folftaur started exploring the Midnight Star, she was surprised to find Captain Blackstar on the bridge. "Captain? Is something wrong?"

"No just an early riser," responded Blackstar, "like you seem to be."

"What makes you think that?"

"Because youíre awake," teased Blackstar. "Whatís up?"

"The opposite of down."

Blackstar mouth hung open, "I use that same joke. Thatís a little creepy."

"Your mother-in-law is trying to kill you out of vengeance for taking her daughter away from her, and you think us using the same joke is creepy? You have issues."

"Stay on for a few months and youíll have them too," said Blackstar, "For example, Nightrose has been ultra-jealous of her older sister, Rosepetal. Faera is a part-time artist and has a tendency to overwork herself. Sergeís mother is a nympho and his father is gay. The others are too personal for the major stuff, but I think you get the idea. Now stop trying to change the subject; what is keeping you awake?"

Serena hesitated, so Blackstar gave her the puppy-dog eyes. "Oh, stop that. I was thinking about my mother. She was against me joining Star Fleet, so I joined the Blitz team. I wonder how pissed sheíll be when she learns what I did." Blackstar sensed there was more through hir empathic abilities, so shi gestured for Serena to continue. "And I left a girlfriend behind. She knows what I was going to do, but I wonder how sheís doing. I donít think she really thought Iíd make it."

Blackstar sympathized, "I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better, but I know from experience that the words often sound hollow and never really change a thing."

"Bolts, how often does a long distance relationship work out?"

Blackstar grinned at hearing hir old nickname, "Iíll be honest, 8-Ball Ė itís very rare. Only in cases of true love will it work out and sometimes not even then. Oddly enough, serious long-distance relationships tend to fail more often then aÖ whatís the word Iím looking forÖ not serious long-distance relationship."

"Youíre a real poet Silverbolt."

"I know," replied Blackstar.

"Must you always be sarcastic?" asked Serena.

"Yes. It is a gift and a curse," Blackstar put on a cubbish pout. Serena rolled her eyes and grinned. In a sing-song voice Blackstar said, "You know you like it. You want more of it."

Serena was barely restraining herself, "I know you pay me, but I will kick your butt if you donít stop it." Blackstar knew Serena well enough to know that she would actually do it.

After a somewhat awkward silence Blackstar asked, "Would you like some grappler combat practice?"

"Grapplers? How often are they actually used in combat?"

"More often then you would think," replied Blackstar. "Pirates are very fond of using them on damaged ships. They were also turned into weapons during disputes among those pirate groups. I found that they can be useful both as weapons and as tools. Here, take the pilot seat."

Blackstar got out of the pilot seat and Serena took hir place. After switching the grappler system into simulator mode Blackstar showed Serena how to fit into the grappler manipulator, a glove and sleeve-like attachment. Serena got training with the various weapons and tools and even fought a few simulated pirates, and quickly became proficient in their usage.

A few decks away Nightrose was trying to wash away her problems by taking a shower. Normally a shower would make her feel better but she just couldnít get her mind off of last night. Whatís the matter with me? Itís Blackstar, shiís my partner, and shiís a shi. I must be going crazy. When she was finished in the shower Nightrose, chose to drip dry and looked at herself in the bathroomís full length mirror. She leaned in close to the mirror and began talking to herself, "Blackstar is your partner. Shi is a Chakat, shi is not a male." Nightrose hung her head, "Then why canít I stop thinking about last night?" Nightrose punched the wall out of frustration, and instantly regretted it. "You have a crush on your partner, you have a bruised hand, youíre talking to yourself, and youíre starting to sound like a Terran. Smooth."

Nightrose replicated an outfit and made her way to the bridge, trying to calm herself. She finally entered the bridge and stopped in the doorway staring at the sight in front of her. There was Blackstar being close to Serena. Blackstar stopped for a minute and looked back at the main door and saw the Caitian silhouetted in the doorway. Blackstar excused hirself and went to talk to Nightrose. "Morniní Nightrose. How are you this morning?"

"Iím doing fine," said Nightrose in an almost convincing tone. "How are you doing?"

"Nightrose, there two things you should know," Blackstar raised a finger for emphasis. "One, youíre a lousy actor, and two, I have a very high empathy rating so itís almost impossible to lie to me. Whatís wrong?"

Nightrose fidgeted for a minute before saying, "IÖ itís just thatÖ Iím not sure whatís wrong. I donít know why Iím feeling this way."

"Well I felt some strong emotions coming from you when you entered the room," said Blackstar. "Whatís wrong?"

Nightrose hesitated, "I think I was jealous."

"Jealous?" asked Blackstar, "That means either youíre actually a lesbian and have fallen in love with 8-Ball, or youíve fallen in love with me which would be really weird. But it wouldnít be the worst thing in the world."

"Do you mean you could fall in love with me?" asked Nightrose who seemed to be very excited at the prospect.

"Well, weíre partners and close friends, and Iíll admit that I think youíre attractive. Iíve just never acted on it because youíre my partner, and Caitians arenít known for their sexual stamina."

Nightrose put her hands on her hips. "Are you saying that you wonít date someone because they donít have the same sexual stamina as you sex-crazed chakats? Iím more then willing to show you just how sexually powerful a Caitian can be!"

Blackstar was about to say something but shi paused when shi sensed someone in the hallway. Faera raised her hands into a defensive position and said, "I didnít hear a thing. I didnít hear a thing. Iím just going to go back to my room and have breakfast." Faera backed away, turned around and ran down the hall.

With a grin Blackstar said, "I bet she misses the days when all she had to worry about was whether or not her boyfriend was gay."

Faeraís voice could be heard echoing down the hall, "HE WASNíT GAY!"

"She still canít accept that he was gay," said Blackstar. At Nightroseís confused look Blackstar said, "He wasnít that good looking either. Iím still not sure why she went out with him." After an awkward silence Blackstar added, "the word youíre looking for is: anyway."

Nightrose laughed. "Anyway," said Nightrose, "umÖ I think Iím going to get some breakfast. Would you like to join me?"

Blackstar agreed, "But donít think that means youíre going to get out of talking about whatís wrong."

Nightrose and Blackstar walked down to Blackstarís quarters and ordered their breakfast from the replicator. Blackstar ordered hir favorite cereal while Nightrose had the Caitian equivalent which resembled kibble, but tasted better. After a few bites Blackstar asked, "Now will you tell me whatís going on?"

Nightrose sighed and looked down at the cereal, thinking she would much rather be eating that than having this conversation. "Well, I think itís a matter of bad timing on my part. You remember when I told you about how I wasÖ dumped, I believe the term is?" Blackstar nodded. "Of course you remember," Nightrose muttered to herself. "Anyway, I am also entering heat and thatís why I wanted to sleep with you. While I donít want to make our relationship awkward by having sex with you, I still needed some comfort." Blackstar nodded in understanding; many a chakat had found themselves in similar situations. Nightrose continued, "and now, Iím not sure why but I feel more attracted to you then ever." Nightrose waited for a reaction from Blackstar but when Blackstar didnít say anything Nightrose said, "I sense youíre worried about something."

"You have no idea about just how right you are," said Blackstar, "because that was exactly what I was thinking." Blackstar took a sip of hir drink before continuing. "As you know Chakats are empathic, and I have a very high rating," Nightrose nodded in understanding so Blackstar continued, "and we already have a close bond from our partnership. You were entering heat when you and I slept in the same bed, but what I havenít told you is that I am in my male phase at this time. I think we may be forming an even stronger empathic bond."

"Does that mean we can have sex?" asked Nightrose.

Blackstar raised an eyebrow, "You really are coming into heat, arenít you?" It wasnít really a question because Blackstar could already sense the answer and was already beginning to feel aroused by it, Nightrose nodded anyway. "Well it wouldnít be the worst reason Iíve had sex with someone. And this time I actually have a chance at a successful relationship, but I want to do this the right way." Blackstar stood up, walked around the table and stood in front of Nightrose, got down on one knee and asked, "Nightrose will you be my Denmate?"

Nightrose giggled at the very human gesture Blackstar was making. She surprised even herself when she said, "Hell ya!" After getting control of herself she said, "I think weíre both spending too much time around Serge."

Blackstar nodded in agreement, "But there is one thing that I believe is universal in both our species."

"Whatís that?" asked Nightrose.

Blackstar grinned, "Consummating it!" Nightrose smacked herself on the head for forgetting that. "You know when you do that, youíre only hitting yourself." Nightrose rolled her eyes. "Iíll work on the sarcasm."

Blackstar and Nightrose walked down to Blackstarís quarters, but just when they were about to enter, Blackstar stopped Nightrose, "Nightrose thereís something I need to tell you. Iím a hopeless romantic." Before Nightrose could say anything, Blackstar bent down and swept her off her feet and carried her across the threshold.

"A girl could get used to this," said Nightrose. "Wait, what about returning the ship to normal space and landing on Quenxel?"

"Donít worry," said Blackstar, "Layla can handle it."

Three hours laterÖ

Blackstar was still putting on hir vest when shi and Nightrose reached the bridge. "Whatís going on?" asked Blackstar.

Serena reported, "Weíre receiving a distress signal from the capital, sir! A group of unknown ships is assaulting it. They also have giant battle mechs walking down Main Street and digging up the auxiliary power generators."

Layla reported on the technical readouts of the enemy, "The enemy fighters look like ornithopters that have eight machine gun type phaser weapons, four to a wing pod. The mechs are bipedal and equipped with an unknown type of armour. Theyíve crossed Sixth Avenue, Fifth Avenue, and they are using lasers to dig out the generators. They have resisted all weapons. Code 90216 has been declared. Also none of them appear to be manned."

Blackstar nodded in understanding. "Inform them that Iím on my way. Prepare my ship for launch." Blackstar ran towards the small launch bay in the bottom of the hull that held a blade-class fighter whose cockpit was designed specifically for a Chakat pilot.

Nightrose followed Blackstar down to the bay. "Donít think youíre going to get away that easily. Iím coming with you."

"It would be a tight fit. And you wouldnít be doing anything."

"Iíd be watching your back," said Nightrose, "and saving your life as usual."

"Fine," said Blackstar, "letís roll out." Once Blackstar was situated in the seat, Nightrose climbed on hir lower back right before the cockpit closed. The fighter was angular and aerodynamic, with variable geometry wings. Connecting the wings to the ship was an equipment pod on either side that contained the primary phaser guns and shield generators. The equipment pod could be replaced to give the ship a large number of mission profiles. A single engine was mounted behind the cockpit. The tapered nose housed the sensors and the main computer as well as a plasma cannon that gave the fighter a rechargeable punch. The fighter could carry a small number of missiles and had a single missile launcher. This model only carried three missiles in its current configuration. The fighter also had a number of modifications that Blackstar had made to it over the years.

The Blade fighter launched and ran into the planetís atmosphere. The re-entry was a bit rough but that was nothing compared to the sight of Quenxelís capital being consumed by flame and smoke. Once flying at normal combat speed, the fighterís wings reconfigured for a more maneuverable form, by using the elevators on the wings the fighter was actually more maneuverable in air then in space. "Hang on back there."

The fighter flew into the canyons of the city seeking out the vehicles attacking the city. It was only a moment before Blackstar spotted one of the flapping fighters and fired on it. The ornithopter was destroyed in a flaming fireball. "This is where it gets interesting." No sooner were the words out of hir mouth than a furry of phaser shots blazed past the cockpit. "What did I tell you?"

Blackstar put the fighter on its port wing and pulled hard up resulting in a hard left turn. The ornithopters didnít have enough time to follow as Blackstar flew down the side street. "You okay back there?"

"Keep your eyes on the road flyboy," said Nightrose.

Once back into a main street, Blackstar rotated the fighter so that it was belly down again. Blackstar was able to pick off a few stragglers before shi finally spotted a mech; several in fact. Shi fired several shots at the advancing mechs but the mechs were barely phased by the blasts, with only a few dents to show for its trouble. "Shit! The phasers are useless. Perhaps we should make it hot."

"Watch your language," said Nightrose.

"Sorry, I tend to swear when in battle like this," explained Blackstar. Blackstar switched hir chosen weapon to the plasma canon, charged it to full power and fired. The blast heated the metal enough for it to glow red but did very little actual damage. "Darn, theyíre immune even to the plasma cannon."

"What about the missiles?"

"We only carry three, hardly enough to take out this army," said Blackstar. Shi hit a button on the comm. panel, "Blackstar to Layla, I need options."

While Blackstar waited for reply shi picked off the airborne enemies and fired a few pot shots at the mechs. Layla finally replied, "The mechs are covered in some sort of metal that my scanners donít recognize. Its properties show that it is resistant to blaster and weaker physical weapons. The Bladeís battle blades could cut through it and the missiles are very effective. They also have poor balance."

"Thanks Layla," said Blackstar. "It looks like weíre going to be getting close and personal with those mechs. Still glad you came Nightrose?"

"I wouldnít have missed it for the world," replied the Caitian, "oh, there are three fighters closing on our tail."

"Thanks, hang on," said Blackstar. Shi dropped altitude to just above the street with the wings barely clearing the PTVs, and hit the brakes dropping air speed rapidly. The three fighters overshot the Blade, and Blackstar raised altitude and fired on all three with the phasers and plasma cannon. "This is too easy. Now letís get a little closer to the mechs."

Shi felt Nightrose hug hir a little more tightly, she whispered, "Iím with you all the way."

Blackstar found a group of battle mechs being fired upon by the local military forces. "This is Captain Blackstar to defense forces, please cease fire; Iíve got a plan to take them out."

"This is Lieutenant Dawson. Weíre ceasing fire. I hope you know what youíre doing," replied a female voice.

"That makes twoÖ" a digging of claws made hir pause, "Öthree of us." Blackstar activated the feature that gave Blades their name, an energized blade on the edge of the wings. The fighterís wings extended to maximum wingspan and their forward edges glowed a yellowish color. "Letís get it on!"

The fighterís cockpit just barely fit in between the bodies of the mechanized soldiers, but the blades themselves slashed through one mech after another taking causing critical damage. What Blackstar did not expect was the resulting explosions. The blade barely stayed ahead of blast. "What the hell is powering these things?"

Layla answered, "They are using the scorched earth method. These bots are suicidal. If you destroy them, the generators explode. Iím uncertain about how we should attack them."

"I have an idea," said Nightrose. "Attack the legs. It will render them incapable of using weapons and will keep their reactors from being destroyed."

"Calculating," said Layla. "I estimate a 93% reduction in danger of explosion."

"Good thinking, Nightrose," said Blackstar. "Weíll have to stay ahead of the falling bodies."

"What about those fighters?" asked Nightrose.

"Leave that to us," said a new voice, a female with a British accent. "Mobius Squadron engage at will."

Blackstar smiled as shi saw the blue-bodied fighters flying into the artificial valleys of the city. "Itís about time you showed up Big Blue."

"Well I couldnít let you reap all the glory," said ĎBig Blueí. "Weíll worry about the fighters, and you take care of the mechs. They already have some of the generators, with enough casualties they should back off."

Blackstar started slashing the mechs at their legs, causing them to fall forward, rendering them immobile. It was only a few minutes before the mechs were disabled or destroyed. Blackstar grinned. "Sometimes it helps to not be in formation, especially when itís close range combat."

"All mechs disabled," reported Layla. "Now help Big Blue clean up those fighters."

"No problem," said Blackstar. "Now I just need to find some."

"Actually they found us," said Nightrose. "We just picked up a few bogeys on our tail and they looked pissed off."

"They look the same to me," said Serena talking over the comm.

"Oh, trust me theyíre pissed," said Nightrose. "Theyíre definitely coming back with a vengeance. Theyíre bots so itíll be impossible to shakeíem if they donít want to be shaken."

Anything Nightrose couldíve added was drowned out by a number of phaser blasts weakening the aft shields on the fighter. "Can anyone help us?" asked Blackstar.

"Negative," said Layla. "No one can get to you for another two or three minutes. Youíre on your own."

Blackstar tried dodging the weapons fire but, as the aft shields were continually weakening, shi knew shi was running out of time. "Okay, Iím going to lead them out over the water. Try to buy some time." Shi flew the fighter out of the artificial canyons of the city and flew out over one of Quenxelís oceans. Blackstar took the fighter to an altitude of 10,000 meters before shi dove, losing most of what was left in the Bladeís aft shields.

The fighter continued to pick up speed as it dove towards the ocean with a half dozen ornithopters on its tail. As the fighter got closer to the ocean, Nightrose started to panic, "umÖ Blackstar, weíre going too fast, you need to pull up." Another few thousand meters and Nightrose repeated her warning, but Blackstar either didnít hear her or chose to ignore her. Nightrose gripped Blackstar even tighter. She watched the altitude meter dropped farther and farther down, it read triple digits, double digits, and the meter went down so fast the single digits werenít even readable, before the fighter was submerged. Nightrose didnít even realize that she had closed her eyes until she slowly started opening them. She looked around and saw a blue glow around the cockpit and realized the fighter was underwater.

Nightroseís mouth worked up and down a moment before she finally said, "Weíre under water," she gave Blackstar a dirty look. "You knew this the whole time? I thought we were going to die! You should have said something."

Blackstar turned around and gave hir a cocky grin. "If you canít handle it, feel free to leave."

"You wonít get rid of me that easily," said Nightrose. She asked, "How are we not sinking without the marine attachments?"

"Itís something that Serge helped me rig up," explained Blackstar. "I got inspiration from an old twenty-first century movie he showed me. It was Sky Captain I believe, a human who flew a heavily modified P-40E and basically saved the day. One of the modified features was underwater abilities like this. You ainít seen anything yet."

The Blade began to picking up speed and broke the surface of the water; Blackstar briefly inverted the fighter to spot the remains of the unmanned fighters. Nightrose couldnít see Blackstar grinning when shi said, "Iím glad those werenít piloted. It makes it easier to destroy them without giving it a second thought."

Blackstar hit the comm. "Layla, status report."

"The robotic force has suffered 90% casualties and the remaining forces are in retreat. Mobius Squadron has not suffered any damage. The city however is a different story. Estimates are in the tens of thousands for casualties and itís being revised upward. All mercenaries in the air battle are being asked to report to Sand Island Defence Base for debriefing and job offers."

"Roger that, weíre on our way," Blackstar replied. "Maybe weíll get answers as to whatís going on around here." The Blade flew out to a small base that was used to house the local defense fighters. The baseís survival confused Blackstar. Normally they wouldíve been the first defense to be deployed, but there was no sign of the local squadrons.

After parking the fighter in one of the hangers designated for visitor usage, Blackstar and Nightrose were lead to a debriefing room along with the pilots of Mobius squadron, whom Nightrose never met but Blackstar was clearly friends with. The most unusual member of the squadron was its leader, who was of a species that Nightrose had never even heard about. The leaderís scent indicated a hermaphrodite and hir features were caninetaur based, but hir fur was a light blue. Shi also had a black eye patch over hir left eye and spoke in British accent. Nightrose waited patiently for Blackstar to catch up with hir friends before she was finally introduced to them.

Blackstar introduced the blue taur first, "Nightrose Iíd like you to meet Krystal aka Big Blue, and leader of Mobius squadron, a fellow team of mercenaries. Big Blue, this is Nightrose my partner and first officer, not by choice."

Krystal extended hir hand, "Nightrose, itís nice to finally meet the competition."

Blackstar had a shocked look on hir face and quickly said, "Shiís joking! Shiís just joking. You are joking, right Krys?"

Krystal got an evil grin on hir face. "Maybe," shi said. Shi turned around to take a seat in the front row. Blackstar was about to say something but stopped when Krystal slapped hir on the butt. When shi turned around Krystal winked at hir.

Nightrose raised an eyebrow. "How did you know hir, and just what species is shi?"

Blackstar looked back at Krystal for a moment before answering, "My father worked with hir mother a lot. We got to know each other real well before I left for Earth. Hir species is a whole another matter. Hir sire is unknown, but hir mother was a normal foxtaur vixen, except for the whole technology thing. Whenever we asked hir mother about it, she would claim that shi was a force from the future."

A slightly overweight wolf morph came in and took a position at the front of the briefing room. "Iím Colonel Orson Perrault, commander of Sand Island airbase. Thanks to your help, we were able to fight off the attack."

Blackstar raised hir hand. "UmÖ whatís with all this we stuff. Me and Mobius squadron did all the hard work. Where were your squadrons?"

Perrault glared at Blackstar. "This isnít the first attack weíve dealt with. Most of my squadrons were destroyed earlier this week. An attack on a city up north was the first call today, but they quickly destroyed the squadrons I sent before continuing to the capital. The remaining fighters are trainees. Any more smartass questions?"

Nightrose shook her head, knowing what Blackstar was going to do. Blackstar said, "Yes. Have you thought about trying a Weight Watchers program?"

Perrault spoke above the laughter. "No I havenít. Now shut up before I have to talk to your commanding officer."

Blackstar stood up and said, "I dare you to call hir, asshole. You know what? Here you can even use my comm. device," which shi handed to the overweight wolf. Nightrose wished she could stop her mateís childish behavior.

"Fine," said Perrault. He opened the comm. device and waited for it to show that the channel was open. Perrault finally got an answer, "Hello, this is Colonel Perrault ofÖ wait a minute. Who is this? Pizza Barn? " Perrault dialed again, "Pizza Barn again?"

Blackstar raised hir hand, "since you keep calling Pizza Barn can you order a large mushroom pizza for me?"

Nightrose raised an eyebrow. "Only mushrooms?"

Krystal answered for Blackstar. "Believe it or not, Blackstar refuses to put any thing other than mushrooms for a topping on a pizza."

Perrault gave Blackstar a dirty look. He looked ready to pummel something before he said, "Letís move on. These assault forces have repeatedly attacked our planet, but this is the first time theyíve attacked a city. Itís also the first time that more then a handful of mechs were destroyed. They come, they take what they need, and leave without a trace. Weíre hiring anyone we can to defend this planet and its territory. Iíd like the opinions of the squadrons on how we should defend the planet." He groaned when he saw Blackstarís hand go up. "Yes, what is it?"

"Well first of all, I think itís about time I told you that your fly has been open since you entered this room," explained Blackstar. When the Colonel finished fixing his fly, Blackstar continued. "Second of all you should start purchasing Blade-class fighters and training pilots for close range combat to fight the mechs."

Perrault rolled his eyes. "Do you know how expensive Blades are? Not to mention the cost of training the pilots!"

"I know better then anyone. I helped design the Blades and Iíve trained a few pilots, Mr. Perrault," said Blackstar. "So donít give me one of those speeches where you act superior because youíre a military officer while Iím just a lowly mercenary. Do I make myself clear?"

The colonel laughed, "Do you expect me to believe that you designed the Blade-class fighters? The design is as old as you are."

Blackstar gave hir characteristic grin, "Perrault, one thing you should know about me is: nothing is ever what it seems. A single Blade in a set of trained hands is equal to a whole squadron of normal fighters."

Colonel Perrault glared at the Chakat before asking, "Just who do you think you are? Do you really think Iím going to listen to some cub who claims to be self-employed and a designer of the Blades?"

Blackstar exchanged a glance with Nightrose and Krystal and gave hir cocky grin, "I am Blackstar, Captain of the Mercenary Starship Mystic and leader of the Blitz team. I destroyed more pirate ships by age ten than your entire military has in the past twenty years. I am also the one who took out the battle mechs and a large number of fighters, before Mobius squadron came in and cleaned up what I hadnít finished off."

Krystal laughed, "Well, we werenít allowed to land because of those fighters and we were getting impatient. We were just coming in from a long patrol."

Perraultís eye started twitching. "I think Iíll let my second-in-command handle this." Perrault left the room and another male wolf took his place.

This wolf was much more fit and much more attractive in Blackstarís opinion. "I am Captain Allen Hamilton. Alright, I need names, prices, and resources. Once everything is checked out, weíll contact you with contracts weíre willing to give until we get the local defense forces back on their feet."

After five hours of negotiating, Blackstar was assigned to train the training squadron that was on the base at the time. Luckily they were already piloting Blades, so it was only a matter of retraining them so they wouldnít get themselves killed using standard military tactics, and Blackstar used the term Ďtacticsí loosely when talking about the Quenxel air force.

The contract gave Blackstar full command of the unit for three months. Shi was hoping that some of them might want to join the team at that time and then shi could buy out their contracts.

A wolf named Rys Dallows was the senior of the trainees, but the most likely to sell out, in Blackstarís opinion. On the other end of the scale was Miles Prower, a rookie and a speed demon. He was an unusual fox morph with golden brown fur and had two tails, which had led to his being nicknamed Tails. A Quange named Tyria Sarkin was the most level-headed of the group, which wasnít saying much, and she was skilled when making repairs to fighters and often created her own little inventions, earning her the nickname, Gadget. The chief mechanic was Tyriaís brother, Carl, who was also a decent cook. Serena also flew in a fighter that was provided in the contract and was flying under her street-racing nickname, 8-Ball. Blackstar thought that this would only be temporary, but shi had no idea just how long shiíd be working with this group of oddballs.

Two weeks later, the MSS Mystic came in at high warp, maintaining a much higher speed than normal thanks to the modifications to the new AFU and some minor adjustments the warp engines. What surprised Blackstar was that hir little sister was on board. Apparently shi had stowed away and wasnít discovered until the ship was already two parsecs away from earth. When Blackstar talked to Trip about what shi had done, shi was given a most startling confession.

"They wanted to send me to Earth," explained Trip.

"What does that have to do with why you stowed away on our own ship?" asked Blackstar. Shi found it more then a little disturbing that shi couldnít read hir sisterís eyes because of the VISOR Trip was wearing.

"Well, sis, one thing I donít think you realize is that Iíve never been on a planet," explained Trip, "Iím very scared of landing on a planet."

Blackstarís mouth hung open. "Have you really never landed on a planet? I never realized that. Why are you scared of landing on a planet?"

Trip hesitated for a minute, "Planets are very unsafe. They have tornados, hurricanes, landslides, earthquakes, all sorts of horrible weather. Itís just horrible on planets."

Nightrose giggled when she overheard that. Most people thought of space travel as being more dangerous than being on a planet, and here this little Chakat was afraid of landing on a planet.

Blackstar briefed the rest of the team on the situation and about the new squadron members they had been given as part of the contract with Quenxelís defense fleet. During the first night the Mystic was in orbit, Blackstar, Miles, and Serena went on a simple patrol mission while Nightrose went to visit Snowfall.

Snowfall, Blackstarís half-sister, lived in a lighthouse on a small island a few miles out of the harbor of the capital. Snowfallís fur color was solid white, and shi had only met the Blitz team out of sheer coincidence (if you believe in that kind of thing.) Shi had left her mother, Parishka, and hired the Blitz team to serve as hir body guard. When Blackstar tried to find a legal solution, by trying to find another relative to take care of Snowfall, shi got quite a shock when Snowfall turned out to be hir half-sister. Parishka had a nervous breakdown and had been trying to get revenge by killing Blackstar ever since. Snowfall still kept in touch with the Blitz Team ever since shi relocated to Quenxel.

Snowfall greeted Nightrose with the traditional Chakat hug and escorted her to the living room. They sat down and started talking about how Nightrose and Blackstar had become mates, among other things. It was Snowfall who brought up the attack first. "I decided to do a little research on the net about the mechs and fighters that attacked us a few weeks back. I found a number of interesting facts in the process. They were created by an organization called E.V.I.L. Thatís an acronym for something, it just happened to spell evil. They use a scorched earth policy when, even when lending them to people they have contracts with."

"Who runs E.V.I.L.?" asked Nightrose.

"A firefox morph named known as Sly Wacoon," explained Snowfall, "but heís not the problem. E.V.I.L is just a weapons R&D now. And if they were doing anything illegal, Blackstar wouldíve taken them down rather then investing in them."

"Wait a minute," said Nightrose, "Blackstar has money invested in a company that attacked the city, and then destroyed their equipment?"

Snowfall smiled. "Not exactly. Shi does have a lot of money invested in E.V.I.L. They loan out their equipment. According to their standard contracts,, none of their investors are liable for the destruction of the equipment that theyíve been loaned. Itís who they loaned them to thatís interesting. Itís a group known as the Grey Knights. Itís an anti-human group made up of wolf morphs. Youíll never believe who some of the members are. My mother is one of them, and another one isÖ" shi was interrupted by a large noise outside. "What the hell was that?" Snowfall walked over to the window and saw a light shining through it. "Oh, shit!" That was the only warning Nightrose had before an explosion destroyed the wall.

Blackstar was so bored with the patrol that shi was actually listening to the conversation going on between the two rookies. Shi actually got so interested in the pointless debate that shi took a moment to realize that someone was trying to hail hir. Shi switched to the appropriate channel, and got Hamilton on the mike, "Blackstar, an explosion was just seen on the Lighthouse Island 5."

"This is Blackstar; Iím on my way at max speed." Shi set course for hir sisterís lighthouse and pushed hir thrust indicator as high as it would go.

"Captain Blackstar, you must slow down. You havenít been authorized to exceed supersonic speeds. Slow down now orÖ" Blackstar didnít hear the rest because shi Ďaccidentallyí hit the off button on the comm. unit.

Even with the Blade going as fast as it could in atmosphere, it took Blackstar ten minutes to reach the island. When it finally came into view, Blackstar could see the flames engulfing the top of the lighthouse. After decelerating faster than the Blade was ever designed for, shi landed on a grass field just a hundred feet from the lighthouse. Shi leaped out of the cockpit and ran into the burning building. Shi yelled at the top of her lungs for Snowfall and Nightrose, but couldnít hear a response. Shi walked through the building until shi reached the downstairs living room. Shi could see a giant hole in the wall that could not be created by a fire but rather a powerful explosive. Shi heard something but as shi was turning around a flaming piece of wood fell and shi deflected it with hir left arm. Shi walked towards the voice and found Nightrose. "Nightrose, whereís Snow?"

In a raspy voice she replied, "They took hir," before she slipped into unconsciousness. Blackstar picked up Nightrose and carried her out the front door and laid her on the ground just beyond the starfighter. By now a medical unit had landed on the small island and walked over to the Caitian and the Chakat. They started with working on Nightrose, while Blackstar ordered the two other pilots still in the air to search for any suspicious craft leaving the vicinity of the island.

One of the field doctors walked over to Blackstar and began scanning hir. Blackstar knocked the tricorder out of the doctorís hand and said, "I donít need medical attention."

"Youíre worse than your father. At least shi let people scan hir before shi knocked the tricorder out of the hand."

"How do you know my father?" asked Blackstar.

"I donít."

"Then how did you know about the tricorder, thing?"

A hand touched hir shoulder, "you told me. A few weeks back when you brought me here."

Blackstar took a good look at the man who had tried to scan hir. "Doctor Oliver? You arenít a medical doctor, are you?"

"Iím covering for a friend. I took some basic courses in field medicine," explained the doctor, "and from the looks of it, you need a mechanic to repair that arm of yours."

"Itís just a scratch, Iíve had worst," said Blackstar. "Howís Nightrose?"

Dr. Oliver linked his tricorder to the others to see the reading they were getting. "She appears to have some minor problems easily taken care of. Some impact trauma; theyíll want to keep her for observation at a hospital overnight."

"I want her put on my ship."

"You donít have a qualified medic," Oliver pointed out.

"Youíre one," said Blackstar.

Oliver smiled for a moment. "No. Donít even think about it. No Way!"

"Welcome aboard, Doctor Oliver," said Sasha as she escorted the doctor aboard. "This jobíll suck. Youíre going to love it."

"This is just a temp job," he reassured her.

"Most of this crew said that at some point or another," commented Sasha. "Did you know that I was originally hired to kill hir?"

"Almost everyone has tried to kill me at some point," Sasha whirled around in surprise and found that Blackstar had snuck up on her. "Even Trip has taken a shot at me."

Sasha smiled knowing that was actually true. "And you havenít always gotten away clean," she added indicating the artificial arm which still had metal showing through the fake fur that had been burned off during the incident earlier that night.

"Ironically this injury has saved my life more then once, including tonight," said Blackstar, "if this arm was real, Iíd have second or third degree burns on it and Iíd be in the hospital for the rest of the night."

"How do you plan to find your sister?" asked Dr. Oliver.

"Radio isotopes."

Dr. Oliver nodded in understanding but Sasha asked for an explanation.

"Everyone in my family has a special isotope hidden somewhere under their skin that transmits on a specific frequency," explained Blackstar. "All we need to do is adjust the scanners to sense the frequency and then follow the breadcrumbs." Sasha raised an eyebrow. "The breadcrumbs arenít important; we just need to hurry, because itíll fade in a few hours from now. It has a life expectancy of 24 hours." Shi hit hir comm badge. "Layla modify the sensors to trace Snowfallís signal, and relay it to stellar cartography."

"Iíll be in sickbay," said Doctor Oliver before he went to check on Nightrose.

Blackstar and Sasha went down to cartography and met Trip there. Inside was a holographic representation of the Quenxel system. At the touch of a button, a green line went away from Quenxel and moved on a course away and down, relatively speaking, from the systemís sun. "Oh, my god, shiís outside the system!" exclaimed Trip.

"Trip, get to the bridge. Set a course maximum speed and inform Sky and Vega to stand by with the AFU," ordered Blackstar. "Sasha, have all fighters on board and on hot standby A.S.A.P." Shi slapped hir comm badge again. "Layla, keep the engines on hot standby. If we canít catch up in Mystic, we may need to go to Slipstream." Blackstar hit the badge again and barked out proper orders to prepare for launch and then addressed the entire ship, "All hands, prepare to roll out."


Final notes: Who was the member of the Grey Knights that Snowfall didnít mention? Will they be able to rescue Snowfall? Will Nightrose and Blackstar be able to leave each others sight after the lighthouse incident? Will Blackstar forget to tell Doctor Oliver that they are leaving Quenxel?

Continued in Episode 4

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