A Means To An End...
by J.L. Atwood


Ah, my dears, how things end up is always a surprise.

It’s been several months since I last let you in on my little escapades, and if someone had told me then what would happen and how things would be, I have laughed and accused them of pulling my leg.

What fools we mortals can be.

A little under two weeks since my last writing, my secretary and one time lover Sandra gave birth, and none too soon. It was a rough birth, rougher than expected, and one of the three cubs didn’t thrive. After three days in intensive care, Sandra and her husband had to make unhappy funeral arrangements for him. However, the remaining two seemed bound to make up for the loss of their sibling, and after that minor hurdle all had gone well. Now the motherly fox was making arrangements to return to work as Fall approached, and with it her elder two starting school, as well as her niece, Megan.

I was looking forward to her return, but regretful at the same time. Megan would be returning to University to finish up her coursework, with an expectation to graduate in the Spring. Myself, Blue, and Sweet had been given advanced invitations to the graduation celebrations, and we’d already started to set aside funds for a graduation gift. While I looked forward to having Sandra around again, I would miss Megan. The younger fox and I had become rather involved the last few months, and though we knew life would take us separate ways soon, we’d enjoyed our time immensely.

I’d called Blue the night after our afternoon assignation on my desk and told hir about the whole affair. Shi teased me mercilessly about walking around desperate for most of the day, and threatened to make me do it again if it got hir pounced with the same fervor. We discussed the whole thing, in some details, and I got some secondary relief from the encounter in the form of describing the act to Blue, complete with demonstrating the finish all over again.

The next day, Megan and I went out for lunch in a place not frequented by my co-workers, and I made sure she was clear on the situation; I was attached deeply to my Blue and our cub. She listened gravely, and then covered my hand with her own, and promised that she wasn’t trying to get between us. It was just a bit of fun, and that was all, she’d been wanting some company for the last few months but none of her fellow students seems to fit the bill. Chakats’ reputation for promiscuity and her aunt’s stories made her curious, as well as… and this made me a bit embarrassed and pleased… finding me rather attractive was just enough for her to make the offer.

That night, Megan came home with me. Blue was due back the next day, so I was alone. I cooked up dinner, and we watched a film while eating and chatting. Then she helped me vent the rest of my rut’s tension over the course of a few hours, a few times over. I discovered then that she was bisexual, at least a little, and that she found more than the male parts of me attractive.

Cue the passage of time. Blue came home from hir parents with Sweetwind in tow, and I introduced Megan to them a few days later. Blue liked her well enough, and Megan would come by for dinner once or twice a week. She liked Blue’s cooking better than mine, and thought Sweet was cute in hir toddler chakat way. She and I went out on dates a night or so a week, occasionally twice. I occasionally spent the night at Megan’s, and twice Megan spent the night with both of us. She and Blue certainly did get along, but there wasn’t the same spark of intensity between them as between she and I. Still, there’s much to be said for a ménage a trois with two lovely partners, though Blue agrees with me that a partner that is both bipedal and single sexed takes a bit of getting used to.

Altogether, we enjoyed each other’s company, both as lovers and friends. We discovered we had a lot in common, which probably lead to this being more closer to a friendship than just a workplace fling. This was fine with me, I didn’t do fling terribly well. Sandra accused me of getting attached emotionally to my fling-ees too easily. After all, that’s how she became Sweet’s godmother – a fling that turned into friend. But, I guess that’s in the nature of being a chakat. We tend to form lots of attachments, easily, and sex certainly seems to be involved both in bonding and causing the bond in the first place.

But, all of this leads to current day. Sandra was scheduled to return full-time next week, relieving Megan of her duties. Megan’s employment would come to an end, she’d have a week of relaxation, then resume classes. Her university was a little under two hour’s drive away, and she had a heavy course load this semester, so both of those meant that Megan anticipated not returning much until break, save for a weekend or two. I’d taken a bit of time off next week, and she planned on spending time with both me and us all as a family before she left.

I sat at my desk, my door shut and blinds drawn. I’d hung up the conference call sign, expecting a call in from our eastern branch to discuss our current project and our holdups. It was early afternoon, and most of my co-workers were off taking a late lunch. I’d been unable to go with, due to waiting for the call.

Well, that was my excuse, anyways.

The real reason for my non-attendance was curled up beneath my desk, her lips wrapped around my cock, giving me a slow and aching blowjob. Oh, there was a call due in, but not for another forty-five minutes. I was leaning back against my rest, eyes closed, one forehand cupping her head, the other her hip as she laid curled against my hind legs. Tonight was our date night, and I’d planned to sleep over. She called this ‘warm-up’, and said I owed her double, later. She loved doing this, hiding under my huge taur-sized desk and getting me off. I say this, because more than once it had lead to a hurried trip back to her place and I’d been greeted by a very aggressive fox.

Now, though, she was building me steadily towards a enthusiastic finish. Smooth tongue glided over my head, curving just beneath and licking before taking me in again, her eyes closed with concentration. She’d take me to the edge, then over. She always swallowed, at the office. No mess, that way, so she claimed. So close, I could feel it building. I stroked her hair to warm her, though my shaft was glassy and taunt with buildup. She made an appreciative sound, her strokes growing firmer, faster. Rapidly closing on filling her, my forehands gripped her—

--just as there was a knock on my door, and the handle rattled. My blood ran cold, and Megan froze in and instant. I turned my relaxed posture into a stretch as my boss, the department head, walked in.

"Oh, good, Shir Blackthorne. You’re not on the call yet. I have some figure to go over with you beforehand."

"Hello, James." Oh, god. Oh GOD. Don’t let me… "From Finance?" I did my best to keep my voice as even as possible. Megan slowly backed off, leaving me aching and damp. I could feel every inch of myself, waving in the air. Never was I more glad I didn’t have traditional balls, because they’d be blue as hell. Even still, I ached. I wanted Megan, badly, and my cock throbbed with every beat of my heart.

"Where’s everyone else, lunch?"

"Indeed, they worked late getting ready for this, and missed a few earlier this week, so they’re taking a long lunch." I opened my screen, and called up the file he’d sent. We set down to discussing it, me ever so conscious of the warm form of Megan against my legs and stomach. I hadn’t faded at all, and her soft fur brushed against me. Oh, god. As James expounded on a point, I felt her lips close around, and give one long suck. I throbbed hard, jumping, and she backed off. Instead of sucking, she began to give soft licks… now and then when I wasn’t required to speak. My cock jumped and pulsed with every press of her tongue, as she kept me dangling at the edge of release. She nuzzled the curve of my stomach, inside of my thighs, slowly and quietly, but in a way I could not ignore.

I thought uncharitable thoughts at my boss, but worked through the report with him. I was so going to get back at her later.

Then she slowly backed off from my cock, and I could gather my thoughts a moment… until I felt her hand slide between my legs. Oh god, not that. Oh, god… yes, she was going to do that. Fingers stroked the edge of my pussy, which was more than a bit slick. I always get aroused in both manners, one triggers the other without fail. I love dual attention, I can’t help it. And she knows I love my pussy fingered while getting a blowjob. Slowly, her fingers dip in, stroking through my slick folds and finding my clit. She alternates sliding in as far as she can, and drawing shapes on my clit. Having one herself, Megan knew the right pressure, the right speed. My cock was almost neglected, left in screaming need to rub against her cheek and throat.

I somehow made it through the meeting, and I’m not sure how. He got up to leave, wishing me a good day and good luck. I smiled a response, because as he got up to leave, Megan’s fingers picked up their pace. As the door clicked shut, she plunged them in sharply, deeply, roughly. With my boss not three steps from my shut door, I came with a muffled yelp around her fingers, the sensations sharp and pulsing. My cock ached, throbbing with sympathy release and sputtering a few globules, but by no means relief. Quaking around her fingers, I ached desperately for her. She avoided me, still stroking, and brought me to climax again, weaker, as my remaining male arousal kept my female from fading as quickly as it usually does.

Withdrawing her hand, she licked her fingers as she fell back to look up at me.

"Interesting. I’ll have to try that again, see how many times I can get you off in a row."

I just looked at her, panting, pussy throbbing with aftershocks and cock screaming for more. I don’t know what to say to all that, to be honest. Megan dresses nicely for the office, long skirts and nice blouses. She looks the professional, conservative, businesswoman. Only I knew that under those long, ankle-length skirts she frequently wore no underwear, at least once we started fooling around. Now she rose to her knees and drew up that skirt, gathering it at her waist and tucking a rolled edge inside the band. Turning, she went to all fours, and began to back against me.

I seized on her idea, literally and figuratively. I leant my forearms on the desk, suspending myself, as my forehands closed on her hips. She backed, I guided, until my tip kissed her soft, wet, folds. She began to lean back, taking me in slowly. But my patience was frayed already, and I couldn’t take any more gentle. My forehands grasped her waist, and pushed her suddenly down the length of me, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from us both. I pushed her forward, then jerked her back again, thrusting her hard onto me. I am strong, I try to be gentle but I am strong… and now I used that strength in turn to use her, the strokes strong and fast and pounding. I heard her whimpering in pleasure noises, trying to be quiet, heard them grow in pitch. I hear her cum, sharp panting noises, and I thrust hard against her pulsing walls and empty myself with blinding pleasure, throb after throb of seed splashing out.

I hold her there a moment, myself pinned deep inside her. Shocks run through me, through us both, as one throbs and kicks off a sympathy tremor in the other. Eventually, my grip shifts, from holding her hips against me to cradling her limp body against me, feeling her heart beat pounding to match my own. Eventually I tilt to my side, and she rises up to curl against my shoulder, in my arms, and we kiss gently in afterglow.


"Yes, that pretty much says it all," I reply.

"Going to have to try that again, too."

I grunt. "Just not all the time. That was… yeah. Wow. I could use a shower and a nap after that."

"Only have two weeks, want you to look forward to when I come stay on break." I blink, a little. Neither of us had mentioned carrying this beyond her leaving the office, and returning to school. In fact, we’d talked more about it ending, albeit with regret.

"So… wow. Um."

"I already talked to Blue, shi said it was fine. I don’t know what we are, but… I like it."

"So do I."

And I was glad it all wasn’t going to be coming to an end, I found. Very glad. I liked Megan, bipedal, single sexed, underwear-wearing and all.


Copyright © 2008 J.L. Atwood

Chakats and the Chakat Universe are the creation of Bernard Doove and are used with his permission.


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