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Welcome to The Chakat's DenTM. Here you will find stories, information, and art about that wonderful furry race: Chakats! But that's not all – the Den is home to all of Bernard “Goldfur” Doove's other stories and projects.
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For the latest information about Chakats, check out An Introduction To Chakats. This will give you a fairly detailed factual overview of their physical and mental nature, plus a brief historical background. There are also some links to accompanying illustrations. Please note that some sections of this article are of a mature nature. There are also articles on foxtaurs, skunktaurs, alien species, the planet Chakona, and much more! If there's a question still niggling at your brain, the IAQ (Infrequently Asked Questions) page could have your answer.


If you are already familiar with the chakats, you may want to read some stories based on the lives and loves of a few of them. Forest Tales is a series of stories that focus about the life of Chakat Forestwalker and hir family. This is an adult series, so please be aware that some episodes contain sex scenes, although I hasten to add that they are done as tastefully as possible. Also, as the stories have progressed, my story writing skills have improved slightly, so hopefully you will find the latter stories are better. Most stories have some illustrations included also. There are also spin-off series, such as The Admiral & The Chakat which is a mostly erotica series, but with a bit more heart and soul than most. It features Forestwalker and hir very special friend, Starfleet Admiral Kline. Then there are Tales of the Foxtaur Clans which focus on the foxtaur characters in the Chakat Universe. There's also The Chakat Universe which features other stories set in the C.U.
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An ever-growing number of chakat stories have been written by guest authors, including Allen Fesler, Terry Knight, John Plunkett, Will Sanborn, and many more. They are helping make the Chakat Universe bigger, better and more fully developed. The range of subjects and styles means that there's something for everyone. Check them out all out on the stories page.

I have also written some stories not based in the Chakat Universe. Firstly "The Wish" and its sequel, "Second Chance". They are both mild erotica stories, both inspired by a couple of wonderful Terrie Smith drawings. Secondly, Jazmyn's World tells the tale of a vixen morph from a parallel stranded in ours. And thirdly, I have written several fanfics based in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic universe. I have brought my own style to the various characters, both original and new, and I have been building a complex alternate world therein.

as of 22/10/2023
The Oceanwalker Process
It Takes Six
Beginning Anew
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As this website is dedicated primarily to all things pertaining to chakats and other taurforms, I have made a collection of works by various artists featuring their interpretations of these species. The interpretations are greatly varied, but always interesting. Some artists have drawn them very closely to how I envisaged them, others have injected their own styles or lent a humorous stance to them. Chakona Visions is the home of these works. I named it after the new world that the chakats colonised and developed for all morph species to live in harmony. Besides chakats, you will find foxtaurs, wolftaurs, skunktaurs and Quange (equitaurs), and once again, there's a mixture of General audience and Adult material.

A pictorial article – Building Chakona – done by Seth Triggs, builds a picture of the chakats' home world in a plethora of images of everything from houses to hurricanes, sports to careers, and so much more.

Also you will find all of my art. The subjects are not limited to just taurs though. There is an alphabetical listing of all my authorised scans, so if you can't find it here, you shouldn't be able to find it anywhere else. There is also a thumbnail index of all the images.

I also published South Fur Lands fanzine. While I also contributed to it, it isn't just about chakats and taurs. In fact its theme is Southern Hemisphere furries, and many of the contributors live south of the equator. The fanzine ceased publication as of issue #57, but all issues are still available either from stock, or as print-on-demand.

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